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Top Four Essay Writing Types with Samples

I reckon it takes a massive amount of grit and motivation to write an excellent essay; irrespective of the type of essay that I am working on. Every essay has specific requirements, tone and writing style that I need to conform to. Understanding the type of each of essay helps you meet its requirements better. Thus, I have curated a list of the top types of essays that you will asked to write on your courses. Hopefully my insights will help you write essays more effectively – pairing this with essay editing and proofreading services, you will surely score high.

Table Of Content
Top Four Essay Writing Types with Samples
1. Narrative Essay
2. Compare and Contrast Essay
3. Persuasive or Argumentative Essay
4. Descriptive Essays

  1. Narrative Essay
  2. The biggest challenge I face while writing a narrative essay is that I need the story to be an experience. Even if it is called a narrative essay, it should not be a bland account of events that have been merely been stated. In fact, I try to make the essay as emotionally stimulating as possible. Make the reader go through a journey; have them feel what my characters feel, have them become a part of the conversation and really just root for the protagonist. I prefer to write in first person because that helps you compose the story from a more personal perspective.

    Sample: “I felt a part of my heart being ripped apart as I watched my mother go. Her body grew cold and heavy as I watched her soul depart from her body.

    “Somebody call the ambulance,” I shrieked desperately, as tears welled in my eyes. My voice was shaking, but my grip around my mother was tight. I was him flee, the murderer who had mercilessly stabbed my mother. Blood was everywhere and I was feeling giddy. But the only thought that was going through my mind was that I must act fast if I wanted my mother to live.”

  3. Compare and Contrast Essay
  4. This is one of my favorite essay types and is requires a clear cut understanding of the given topic. Unlike the narrative essay, compare and contrast essay writing requires you to have a distinct knowledge of the two parameters that you are about to discuss – so you must work on strengthening your research skills. I had to invest in avidly reading to sharpen my researching skills – moreover, writing what you read also helps you retain it better for further use.

    Sample: “One of the greatest arguments of all time revolve around nature versus nurture. But an impactful research on the Reimer twins explains how you are naturally born with a fixed gender identity and your nurturing cannot reprogram this identity. Even though, David Reimer was given hormones and physical traits to make him more feminine after a failed surgical procedure at birth. He went through severe identity crisis and confusion that made him eventually take his life at age 38. Hence, establishing how nurturing does not change inborn characters and identities.”

  1. Persuasive or Argumentative Essay
  2. Now this is one tricky type of essay, I had to struggle with it for quite some time before I was completely satisfied with the work I was putting in. I agree that it is hard to truly convince someone based on your personal opinions, that’s why I suggest that you really invest in improving your argument by backing your statements with valid facts, evidence and statistics. This not only makes your argument valid but it also presents it in a logical manner.

    Sample: “As much as students argue that wearing uniforms in schools can be a repression of self-expression, in my opinion uniforms are actually preferable. An average person makes around 35,000 decisions per day. And if these decision making capabilities are being burnt out daily on what to wear, how to style yourself and when to iron clothes – you will tend to be drained out by midday. No wonder most successful people wear the same clothes and eat fairly similar meals daily. The idea is to free you mind of an unnecessary burden. Moreover, wearing new clothes perpetuates superiority complex and an uncalled for need to compete with each other. Whereas, schools should strictly focus on students competing, in a healthy manner, for better grades.”

  3. Descriptive Essay
  4. Descriptive essay writing with informative essay can be rather monotonous. Although I thoroughly enjoyed it for it can be a very creative process – especially when you have the vocabulary to express your vision in words. It certainly feels like a neuronal high, when you have described exactly what you have in your mind and the readers can practically see it. Make sure that you are using a fair amount of similes, metaphors and personification as well as appropriate adjectives to help your readers get the feel of the object, event or scenario that you are describe. I like to keep up a fair balance, but mostly enjoy personification – for it keeps the reader interested.

    Sample: “The alley was dark, except the dim fluorescent light that gave it an eerie feel. I walked on the concrete pavement that cracked under my boots. A gust of cold wind sent shudders down my spine. It was the crack of dawn and I could hear birds chirping at a distance. That was fairly comforting, till I heard a thud from behind me. I turned around with a jerk, now my heart was pounding within my chest. But the alley was pitch black behind me, I squinted my eyes and felt a shadow shifting – followed by a pungent smell – almost like decaying meat. I held the bricked wall for support to help me get out of the alley into the street ahead. But the crack on the ground were hampering my movement. Just when I improved my grip, I felt someone breathe on my neck.”

    Hopefully my short descriptions of the types of essay, will help you differentiate them better. Since most of your academic work will require you to strictly follow the guidelines and meet the demands of these essays, you must be careful about being well aware of everything. Good luck with your writing!

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