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“Can Someone Help Me Write My Essay Please?”

Essay writing troubles a lot of students especially when they make the shift to college from high school. But our team of qualified essay writers know very well how they can easily craft a quality essay, following the steps mentioned.

Comprehending the Topic

The topic is necessary to be understood as it helps differentiate between the types of essay assigned. Once the type is understood, it becomes rather easy to carry out the research and structure the essay accordingly.

Aligning the Research

Depending on the type of essay, the information will also be structured accordingly. As such, our writers gather the adequate information during research and decide the flow of the information that will follow in the essay.

Crafting the Thesis Statement

In the Introduction of the essay, the Thesis Statement which contains the main argument of the essay is written. Our writers craft a quality Thesis Statement which highlights the main argument of the essay, while retaining the reader’s interest.

Concluding the Essay Properly

No matter how well the Introduction and the Body of the essay is written, if the Conclusion is not impactful enough, then the essay might not secure a good grade. Our writers focus on concluding the essay in the best manner possible.

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Get the best essay help in town! EazyResearch offers quality essay writing and editing help for students globally with amazing proofreading services to help you make your essay error and plagiarism free.

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Writing your persuasive to perfection is our priority and our group of phenomenal writers make sure to produce an exceptional essay to fulfil your excellent score dreams by offering persuasive essay writing services.

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Carefully drafting your essays to be filled with creativity, uniqueness and information for guaranteeing your success in academic growth with full dedication is the goal of EazyResearch and its pro-writers.

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You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with so many essays to write, because EazyResearch offers great portal for all students in need to buy essay of any type and course with timely submissions and promised quality.

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Don’t worry over your scholarship essay writing because your quality of essay won’t be compromised by EazyResearch as our goal is to satisfy you by providing quality above expectations and on-time delivery of your essay.

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We know how important it is to nail your college application essay writing to impress the admission officer, and this is the reason EazyResearch has come up with an amazing essay writing services for your need.


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We have been providing academic help for years and have tons of positive reviews as a testament to our services. We are one of the most well-known and recognized providers of academic help.
We handle all of our clients’ information with the utmost care, keeping it secure. We have an immaculate record of adhering to our customer confidentiality agreement.
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I Have Found the Best Service to do my essay In USA!

You must have written many essays yourself as a student. Isn't it? The task of essay writing starts at an early age, and goes on with the student as they progress through school into high school, then in to university and further ahead.

The task of writing essays is kind of difficult and boring to most students, as it takes so much time and energy on the part of students to write a meaningful, comprehensive and attractive essay. Students also fear their essays being rejected by the teachers, which makes the task even more stressful..!

We know all the struggles and frustration that students like you have to bear due to the troublesome essays and assignments throughout your academic life. In 2011 we decided to set up a service company called 'EazyResearch' with a motive that we would free students all across the USA from the miseries of essay writing.

So any time you as a student find yourself wondering “I need someone to do my essay”, you can rest assured that we will always have your back!

What is the Essay Writing Venture? Why is it Such a Big Deal?

So, what is an essay? An essay is basically a piece of writing which is quite parallel to a story or an article. There are specific requirements for an essay, so it can be formally or informally written depending upon the context and theme of the topic.

Writing an essay has a lot of benefits for students, because it helps them to understand their subjects well. To write an essay the student is required to do a lot of research and pile up facts to be included in the essay, this helps him or her to go into the depth of the subject and gain deep insight into it.

Let's have a look at some great benefits that essays have for the students as well as the teachers:

  • The teachers are able to analyze and judge a student's performance in studies mostly through the essays and academic assignments that they write.
  • The students also get to know about their essay writing skills.
  • Knowledge acquired while essay writing helps increase the academic understanding of students.
  • Students become familiar with researching and studying skills.
  • Writing essays helps students in enhancing their writing skills.
  • Students also learn time management while writing their essays.

Essays are of major importance for most of the students. At all levels of education students are, more or less, required to write down essays. While writing essays students understand many different aspects of education.

They are supposed to carry out researches and experiments, gather facts and figures, use special terminologies and finally learn how to present the essay in a meaningful manner.

In this whole process they get to know a lot about their own particular subjects and the different areas of essay writing. Structuring an essay alone helps them to understand the presentation of logical flow of information.

What is the Structure of an Essay?

Essays can be of many different types, and different essays have different requirements, but in general a normal essay has some fixed sections that you will see in each and every essay.

Let's have a look at what an essay looks like generally:

  • Topic or Title:
    First of all we choose a topic and it should be interesting as well as informative. A title that is boring will become the first reason for the examiner to discard your essay.
  • Introduction:
    Start with a good, detailed introduction. The introduction should be able to introduce the reader to the whole idea of your essay, and make him or her understand what concepts you are going to discuss in the essay. You will also open up the context and history of the topic comprehensively in the essay's introduction.
  • Thesis statement:
    The thesis statement basically comes within the introduction and it is a statement that tells the reader about the main argument of the essay. It could be a one line statement just before you begin to write the body of your essay. The essay then revolves around that particular argument.
  • Body:
    This is where the main paragraphs consisting of the story that you are going to tell, or where you will discuss your main information will come. The body must be able to communicate the story or the arguments well, and include everything that a good essay must have, depending upon the theme and structure of the topic.
    In this part of an essay you will be required to discuss things in detail and mention as much information as possible in this section, while keeping it informative and attractive.
  • Conclusion:
    Finally you must end the essay with an effective conclusion and for this part you could use some reviews and opinions as well, to give the topic a weightage.
  • Summary:
    Now summarize the whole of the essay in a sensible way, touching on all of the important points. Don’t miss out on the important points, and make sure you sum it all up in such a way that the reader can get an overall idea of the essay.
  • References:
    Now references might also be added to an essay depending upon the type of essay you are writing. Citations and references will give the essay an informative look and help you make the essay into a well written research paper.

What are the types of an essay?

Essays are of many types, and have varying structures as well. University students may be asked to write many different kinds of essay. The types are listed below:

  • Descriptive Essay:
    What is a descriptive essay? A descriptive essay is based upon describing a particular subject in detail. It describes the very features, and aspects of the thing being discussed. For example, it could be about a scene like ‘an accident’ or ‘a scary scene’ or a description of a character. Descriptive essays use a large amount of adjectives.
  • Cause and Effect Essay:
    This kind of essay is based upon the cause and effect mechanism. The cause and effect essay will first of all take into observation a subject, for example the ‘financial corruption’ and it will then look into the causes of corruption as well as the effects of it.
  • Argumentative Essay:
    An Argumentative Essay could also be called as a written debate, because in this kind of essay the writer is trying to make arguments against or in favor of a particular subject. They may simply put both the point of views without showing their bias towards any side or opinion.
  • Narrative Essay:
    It basically looks like a story. In a Narrative Essay the writer tells a story, it could be based on a true event or a fictional thing, but the story is written in a narrative form, as if it is being narrated to the reader. This kind of essay needs a lot of story skills to tell a story in an engaging way.
  • Persuasive Essay:
    In a Persuasive kind of Essay the writer will be persuading the reader towards a particular subject, topic, cause, idea or belief. To write this essay the writer must have a great deal of persuasive skills and must know how to convince the audience, and what kind of tone would be necessary for a persuasive essay.
  • Expository Essay:
    An Expository essay is a kind of Descriptive Essay. In this essay an explanation is given on a topic. It’s a kind of investigation, exposition, and explanation on the topic and the writer does not have to share their personal views about the essay.
  • Analytical Essay:
    An essay that analyzes any subject would be called as an Analytical Essay. It analyzes all the aspects of the topic and discusses even the minute details of it. An analytical essay may not be necessarily an explanation, because it simply investigates the phenomena rather than explain its components.

What kinds of mistakes do students do while writing their essays?

While writing essays students make a lot of mistakes, some of these mistakes are serious, causing the student’s essay to be rejected by the examiner.

Would you like to have a look at some mistakes that students like you make? Let’s see.

  • Students may not be able to plan their essays clearly and effectively.
  • They may not be able to give their essays an impressive topic.
  • Students may not be aware of the structure of an essay.
  • Students may write in a pattern not suitable to their essay.
  • Wrong facts and information may be included in the essay.
  • The student may also put in the references in an inaccurate style.
  • Paragraphs may be too short, too long, or simply out of harmony with each other.
  • If the essay contains any grammatical and textual errors it gives a very poor impression of the student.
  • The student may also be using too much of their personal opinions in the essay, which is not well advised to do.

When a student is writing an essay they might have to go through a lot of trouble first planning the essay and then checking the essay for mistakes. If the student is not so experienced with writing essays, then they may be prone to making lots of mistakes.

The mistakes may be minor or major, whatever the magnitude of the mistake, one thing is absolutely clear; mistakes will give your essay a bad image, and they might even get rejected if the errors are crucial.

When students get tired of finding out errors and mistakes they may make searches like, ‘do my essay for me’ or ‘essay help US based,’ etc. But the important thing is what could be done to avoid these mistakes? Well, the first that needs to be done is learning the very basics of essay writing, and make sure you are well aware of the structure of a well written essay.

Look at different essays available on the internet and get an idea of what an essay must look like. Then get started with your essay and take care of all the requirements of an essay as you go on with it. Once it is done take time to read it through over and over again.

Finally check all the spellings, facts, the total structure, and referential side of your essay and then submit it to the teacher.

Have You Been Browsing ‘do my essay Cheap’ on Google?

Students face many problems when writing essays, especially research based essays, and there are many factors that force students to look for assistance from other sources.

These problems include the following:

  • Students may simply be lacking the motivation to write an essay.
  • They may not be able to analyze the facts and information well.
  • The students might not have a real understanding of the topic.
  • They may be not be able to structure the essay well.
  • Students may not be aware of referencing and citations.
  • They would not want to give all the time to the task of essay writing.
  • It could be difficult for the students to write with accurate grammatical skills.
  • The student may be taking too much stress writing the essay that they are not able to write it down with a peaceful mind.
  • The student is not getting enough help required to write their essay.
  • Sometimes, students may not be able to point out their target audience.
  • At times students have no clue about the punctuation marks.
  • It has also been seen that students forget to include the conclusion for their essay.
  • The summary might be too poorly written that the examiner would have to reject the essay.

There are a lot of problems a student may face when writing their problems. We have also discussed many of them above, but the list is not exhaustive. Now, what is the solution to these problems and can students be free of problems related to essay writing? Surely they can be.

We at EazyResearch will provide solutions to all your essay writing problems, our expert writers have years of experience in the field of essay writing and we are surely here to set you free…!

“I’m willing to pay someone to do my essay near me!”

We know that you are looking for help too. When students get too inextricably stuck in the essays they start looking for external help, when they find out that the help is not enough they look for professional service providers and search ‘pay someone to do my essay’ or anything like that, and they are even ready to pay huge amounts.

But wait... In this way you might get trapped by the spam service providers and they will be providing you with fake, copied, or sometimes illegally plagiarized content, without you being aware of it.

What do students ask when they hire a service to write their essay?

When hiring an outside agency for essay writing, you might have the following questions to ask.

  • How am I going to find myself the best essay writing service in USA?
  • Is it possible for me to not get involved with spam service providers?
  • How is this action perceived in terms of morality?
  • What is the guarantee that my essay will be accepted?
  • Will I be given a proof on the authenticity of the essay?
  • What if my essay is not submitted to me before the deadline?
  • Will the essay be free of any errors that might cause me embarrassment?
  • Is the service provider giving me the correct references and citations?

You may have still have a lot of questions, and these questions are absolutely justified. We understand your problems and we are always ready to respond to them in order to end you confusions, as these questions demand definite answers.

Why Request ‘do my essay for Me’ When We Are Here for You?

You know what? You have been looking for services all over the USA when we were right here to provide essay help services for you since the beginning. You have even tried some agencies that were not up to the mark, and that provided plagiarized content.

We know that you are in need of help, and we would like to assure you that if you choose us for the essay writing services you will be pleased by our quality and commitment, dedication.

So, why don’t you give us a chance? It has been our promise for our customers to provide 100% high quality essays at extremely reasonable rates.

Why you should opt to choose our essay service?

We have become one of the top essay writing services all across the US, and have served students in almost all of the states in the USA.

Would you like to know some of our qualities that distinguish us from our competitors? Let’s have a look at them:

  • We are 24/7 available for the essay writing services.
  • Our customer support executives on EazyResearch are working continuously all days of the week.
  • We provide high quality essays with 0% errors and mistakes.
  • We also offer free revisions and rechecks for our customers.
  • We provide complete authentication through a Plagiarism Report that our essays are completely original, non-plagiarized, and unique.
  • We also verify that the essays written by our expert writers are revised thoroughly.
  • The essay will be submitted before the deadline.
  • We will also make sure that the essay is written in such a way that it will be accepted by the teachers right away..!

Amazed aren’t you? With our high quality professional services you will not only be amazed and delighted but we can assure you that once you avail our services you will always come back for our essay services in times of need.

How can you get top-notch essays right away?

Well, if you are searching ‘do my essay cheap’ or ‘essay help US’ what are you waiting for? We are here to provide exceptional help for you with the troubling essays. All you need to do is reach out to us right away, you just don’t have to suffer the problems of essay writing and wait for anyone to come to your help.

With our highly professional essay writing help services, we would be pleased to be of help to you.

To avail our services you would have to go through the following steps:

  • First of all visit our website EazyResearch and look for contact options.
  • You could simply use the live chat options that appear on your screens.
  • Then tell our customer service member what kind of help are you seeking.
  • When everything is finalized, we designate our team to write your essays.
  • The first draft is sent to you and upon your approval we work towards the final version.
  • We then take the essay through a series of rechecks and revisions, making sure there is not a single error.
  • Finally the completed essay is given to you on the deadline.
  • You may then check the essay inside out and consequently make the payment.


Just by following the above simple steps you can get the essay help right here right now. So don’t hesitate and place an essay order with us right away if you want your essays to be written by a team of highly professional essay experts.

How can someone ‘Write my essay online and make it stand out?

We know the confusion students has while searching for write my essay online. All their queries and question will be sort out by our pro essay writers. All the years of experience and strict training has led to our team to accomplish all kind of essays along with whatever subject you want to craft can be done in timely basis.

Begin with an attention grabber

If your essay is not an attractive piece of document all your hard work will drain out in a second. The first three to two lines of your paragraph have to have an attractive element. Below are the components our expert writers cover while starting the essay.

  • Ask a question
  • Start with a bold claim
  • Use quote for attention
  • Put your audience into a black hole. Means put your audience into middle of something happened or what next conversation will it be.
  • Use words as if you are tasking to your reader

Plot a brainstorming session before writing

The best tip to write an exceptionally attractive essay writing is to brainstorm and gather ideas before crafting. Construct a web of ideas include all of your relevant information to not break your flow of writing till the end. Our writers’ first craft an outline or a draft that is then submitted to students as a sample. That, ‘This is the way we will structure your essay’.

Use words that fit with your essay

Keep in mind writing an essay is easy but choosing words that fit with your readers understanding is difficult or only be done by professional writers. Keep the flow of writing simple and crispy, do not use unnecessary words that is difficult to understand or make sense.

Flexibility in your essay is essential

If you think how can I write my essay and mould it according to the readers. Then, don’t worry! Writing an essay from our team of expert you will be given flexibility to increase or decrease the length is dependent upon students. Some students requires a prolong essay that has all the detailed information about the subject area. As per your own requirement, we will construct your ideas and desire information into meaningful words.

First impression is the last impression

While finalizing your points keep in mind of the lasting impression the reader will have on your writing. Memorable ending and choosing the words that can be remember even after the essay is finished is what makes you an ace. However, we know students do not have time for such powerful content, or they do not have proper know how or knowledge how to begin with. Our PhD qualified team of professionals, who are well experienced in their respective fields can easily wipe out our readers to indulge into the selected words till the end.

Are you scared on how will my essays be revised while the writers write my essay?

“While I write my essay I barely revised the content before submission”. This is the reason why student’s essays get rejected and instantly lose marks in their semesters. The completing of task and crafting it like a pro has already drain you. Then, what you need to do is rely on our best Proofreading and editing service to differentiate your essay from average written essay.

Checking grammar and spelling you will make you half way through a perfect essay writing. However, proofreading is more than that,

  • Note if your essay structure is correct or not, see if the delivery of your words are explain properly.
  • Observe your tone of writing, the topic might help you find your answer.

Read between the lines

This phrase is crucial while you revise your essay. Just keep in mind when we write essay the mistakes and spelling errors are not visible, as it is unnoticed from our naked eyes.

Our writers are keen in detecting what is incorrect, the online expert writers believe in purification of the content to make it stand out from others. Essay writers pick out mistake from each sentence accurately with the method ‘read between the lines’.

By this traditional method of revision our writers easily track repetitive adjectives. As this is obviously too tedious to use same words again and again to express your information.

Narrow down sentences that are never ending

Many students are often mesmerized in their own essay that they describe things in a complicated way, this led to the never-ending sentence. This bad habit has to be fixed as it makes the content boring and way too long. Try to chop your content into short sentences that also covers the message you want to deliver.

Make sure this is not treated in a light manner, as it is an issue which will most probably affect your writing. Essay writers knows how to break down sentence in a complete manner. The idea of integrating a comas or punctuation and asking attention-grabbing question is what our writers are fond of. To keep them engaging till the end.

Stop being overconfident and assist yourself

There are students who are proud in whatever they do in their life. They ignore the fact that they are being bashed by people about their writing. Even then, they are unwilling to present their essay writing file to the PhD editors. You need to realize that everything is not perfect as we humans are not perfect either. Throw way your intellectual prejudice! And rely on our service. Get tailored by our editing and proofreading service just for free. When our writers start revising your essay they keep three things in mind.

  • Is your content sticking with the flow or you just filled the content with words
  • Is your content delivery correct and explain what is relevant
  • Is your ideas and information structured properly

Now I can write my essay with ease thanks to EazyResearch! We believe this is what you will say after using our premium quality essays. With the above revision criteria you get an idea how those complete formatted and revised content is finalized before submission. Our quality essays will help you maintain the scores you always dreamed off.

Write my essay for me in USA- Our writers will pull you out from the pool of Academic stress

Our EazyResearch team has always been amongst those who are well composed, appropriate in structuring an essay according to your requirement. We won’t disappoint you with promises that is not achievable. Proper referencing, plagiarism-free content, revisions unlimited whatever you demand is incorporated by us.

We have always fulfilled our duties as an Academic assistant, never reused the content previously ordered by someone. Our satisfactory rate is 99% achievable and rejections 0% so, hoop on and feel free to share your Academic worries with us. We receive thousands of feedback and positive reviews from our clients that has also encourage other stress out students to write their essays too. There are many students who search for write my essay for me please or we need help for our essays please guide us google. The instantly land to our page and contact to customer service executive for further give you details about the order placement format.

Do you know the word ‘Essay’ drive from?

Before searching for write my essay for me let just find out the meaning of essay and why we use it. The literal meaning of essay is weigh or to find out, it is basically a Latin word which was then changed to essayers by French. This word was transformed to essay in the late 15 century. Now students who write essays are test with these qualities.

First of all essay can be informative or persuasive or argumentative too there are many types of essays.

E Should effective for the audience
SShould have short paragraph to engage the audience
SShould be simple and have an understandable element to it.
AShould be appealing and captivating to the readers
YShould be yield with relevant information and authentic


Take a look at the brilliant packages we offer for your convenience!

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  • Table of Content ($18.31)
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  • Unlimited Revisions ($12.2)
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  • Quality Review by PHD Writer ($9.9)

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  • Quality Review by PHD Writer ($9.9)
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