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Facilitating Students in All Aspects of Essay Writing

Essay writing at university level is not an easy task. Essays at that level are lengthy and complex and students, especially those who are new to university, struggle with them as they are not aware of the requirements and formats they need to use.

The Different Types of Essays

There are a variety of essays that are assigned to students at university level. These include argumentative essays, narrative essays, cause and effect essays, compare and contrast essays and plenty of others.

Components of an Essay

There are three main components to an essay in general. Exceptions and variations can be expected depending on the subject the essay is being written for and what type the essay is as not essays are the same and differ accordingly.

Some of Our Standout Qualities

We employ some of the most qualified writers and have very high standards. Our services are affordable and our policies are transparent. We also offer some free services such as unlimited free revisions and consultancy.

Our Distinguishing Points

Our focus is to help students with essay related issues. We do extensive research and provide content that is 100% plagiarism free, original and specific to the customer’s requirements. Our essays are written according to the standard format.

Over 8 Years of Experience & Counting

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College Essay Writing

Crafting your college essay to perfection, the services at EazyResearch promise to offer high quality content, that too, customized and molded to meet your preferred requirements to help you with college essay writing.

Assignment Writing

We have a team of diligent writers, researchers and editors who collectively work to fulfil your personal assignment requirements, getting you the score you want. Fulfil your assignment writing needs now.

Thesis Writing

It’s time to stop stressing over your thesis and leave it on us instead. As a one-stop-solution to all your thesis worries, we have all that you need and more. Qualified thesis writers available here for custom thesis writing.

Dissertation Writing

Don’t let lengthy dissertations get the best of you! The writers at EazyResearch produce flawless content covering an extensively wide array of topics for any subject you want to get dissertation writing done for.

Homework Writing

The panel of experienced and enlightened writers working at EazyResearch possess the skills to tackle all your homework-related worries, so you can sit back and relax. Get our support to tackle homework writing now.

Editing and Proofreading

We understand that the last step to perfect your paper is extremely crucial. EazyResearch provides you PhD editors so that your work is done to the best of our capabilities through our editing and proofreading service.


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We employ highly qualified writers who are experts at writing essays for university students. The essays we provide are according to the appropriate format and structured correctly. Our word is our bond.
We offer urgent services in which we provide essays that are completed in a short amount of time. The order needs to be placed a certain time before but we can get it done by the deadline and you can submit it on time.
We write in a way so that the writing style is not vividly different to the student’s own. We also use prior examples of the student’s writing to ensure this. The student’s information is also secure so it is hard to tell if someone else has written the essay.
We employ a number of writers, each of whom specializes in a different field. This allows us to cater to all students and write about niche and unique subjects. We also offer consultancy options so that the student can be at ease.
If you have already written your essay then you can benefit from our proofreading and editing services. Our editors will rid your essay of every mistake and perform plagiarism checks and remove that as well.

Essay Writing Service in United States Made Available To Rid You of Essay Stress!

Essays are something that most, if not all, students are very familiar with. Dissertations, research papers and thesis are some assignments that students come across in when they’re pursuing their undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate degrees but essays are something they’ve been seeing since high school or middle school. An essay is a formal document that usually deals with just one particular subject.

EazyResearch is one of leading organisations providing essay writing service in United States to students who need them. The demand for such services has been slowly rising for years and has seen a bigger boost in recent years. The founding members of EazyResearch were some of the first to recognize this demand and address it. EazyResearch was founded to help struggling students with their assignments and since 2011 we have slowly built up our reputation to the level it is at today.

Have An Essay Writing Task? Are You Gently Whispering “I Need Somebody To Write My Essay For Me” To Yourself?

Essay writing is something that students are familiarized with at a very young age. Students are introduced to essays in elementary school and slowly over high school their writing and understanding skills are built up and polished. At university level, essays are extensive pieces of information that require attention to detail.

Essays at university level are supposed to be structured according to certain formats. The structure can vary slightly depending upon on the requirements but generally they follow the same shape. It is important to follow these structures as they shape your essay and provide in the information in a sensible and comprehensive manner. Students who do not understand these formats commonly end up searching “write my essay for me” or something similar along those lines.

What are the components of an essay?

The basic premise of an essay is to discuss a particular and convince the reader about something or inform the reading about something. In order to achieve this, the information in essays needs to be provided in a way that makes sense to the reader. This is where the components of the essay come into play. Most commonly divided into three parts, namely the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

Even while following these components it is important to keep in mind that the information should be presented in a flow. The reader should be provided with the relevant information at the right time. If the reader is given the conclusion or author’s final opinion before the argument, or before the question is presented then it won’t make sense.

The introduction:
This is the first and foremost thing the reader sees. It is imperative that the introduction is extremely interesting and gripping so that it catches the reader’s attention. There is no particular way the essay should start but it should be fascinating but also gently introduce the reader to the argument or problem the essay will be discussing.
The body:
This is the main part of the essay and contains most of the information, arguments, supporting facts and such. It is the longest part of the essay and includes the author’s opinions and their supporting arguments as well as the evidence to support these arguments. Paragraphs usually include a topic sentence which relates the discussion back to the thesis statement. These arguments and ideas can be presented in different ways such as chronological order or order of importance. There should be a flow to the essay so that the reader does not feel as if information is just being shoved down their throat.

Citation of sources is extremely important and it is imperative to support your arguments with logic and facts. Authors should not go off topic and stay focused on the topic at hand.
The conclusion:
This is the end of the essay. The author should wrap up their arguments and provide a brief overview of the important points discussed in the essay. A summary of the essay is helpful to remind the readers of anything they might have over looked. The essay should end in a way that ensures that the reader will remember the essay for some time.

What are the different types of essays students usually have to do?

At university level there is a wide array of essays that a student can be asked to write. Putting the different topics aside there are different types of essays, each of which have their own unique requirements, formats, structures and styles to be written in. These include:

  • Narrative essays:
    Narrative essays tell a story. Be it real life experience or fiction, telling a story is not an easy job. Narrative essays force the writer to think about and focus on themselves. The writers should paint a picture with words so that the reader can see themselves in place of the author and envision what the author is talking about. These essays can be in first person or third person, depending upon the requirement or personal preference.
  • Descriptive essays:
    These are very similar to narrative essays. They tend to focus on a particular thing, topic, person or anything along those lines and provide an incredibly detailed description. In a descriptive essay, the writer should show, not tell, through the use of colorful words and sensory details. The best descriptive essays appeal to the reader’s emotions.
  • Expository Essays:
    Expository essays are informative pieces of writing that take a problem or argument and then discuss both sides of the supporting and contracting arguments. The writer needs to define the topic, and use facts, statistics, examples and figures, all of which should be proven, in order to support their argument. These essays are not usually in first person as the essay does not appeal to the reader’s emotions.
  • Persuasive Essays:
    These essays are supposed to convince the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view. Whatever the argument, the reader should agree with the writer’s views. The writer can use supporting arguments but the case must be built on facts and logic. The writer should also present both sides of the story to keep the reader informed and not make them agree by misinforming them.

These are some of the more common types of academic essays students are required to write at university level. As can be seen, each has a different requirement and style of writing despite not having a topic attached to them.

We Provide You Online Essay Writing Service With The Help of Professional Essay Writers!

EazyResearch has been providing academic assignment help and solutions since 2011. For the better part of a decade EazyResearch has been helping out students with their assignments. EazyResearch started as an online essay writing service. The founders of EazyResearch were a team of professional essay writers who specialized in writing academic assignments.

What confusions you may have while hiring our service for the first time?

Most students have concerns when considering the option to buy their assignment online. They are rightfully worried as it is something that can be stress inducing, which is why they may ask questions like:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What kind of reputation and reviews does the company have?
  • Does the company respect and adhere to the client confidentiality contract?
  • Is the content they provide according to the specifications and demands made?
  • Is the content they provide original and plagiarism free?
  • Can they be trusted to deliver the assignment on the agreed date?
  • How qualified are the writers in general?
  • Are their writers in touch and aware of the current course requirements?
  • Do they offer free revisions if the customer is not satisfied with the product?

These are some valid concerns that need to be addressed before they proceed and place an order for an assignment even if it is the best essay writing service.

Every student would prefer to get their assignment done by someone who has been doing this for a while. University assignments are no joke and having someone experiment with your university assignments can lead to disaster. The company should also be reputable and shouldn’t have any allegations against them.

Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. A lot of students worry about their information being leaked and their family and friends finding out and students feel like this could be embarrassing. Additionally, the assignments the company is providing must be original and written exactly to the client’s needs and demands. It is imperative for the assignments to be 100% plagiarism free.

The qualifications and experience of the writers employed by the company also makes a ton of difference. The writers need to be highly qualified and know about the American education system, the requirements and standards as well as the formats followed, especially if the company provides essay writing service USA based. The writers should be dedicated and punctual, delivering their assignments on time. Free revisions or a change of writer should be allowed if the customer is not satisfied with how the assignment is shaping up.

We are perhaps the top essay writing service. Check for yourself!

Since EazyResearch was established in 2011, we have provided the highest level of quality service to students. We have slowly built up our reputation and name and today we’re known as one of the top essay writing service in America.

EazyResearch Others
EazyResearch acknowledges the fact that most students work while they’re studying in university to cover their expenses and tuition fees. At EazyResearch we try to keep our prices as low as possible so that students can afford them.
You’ll find that most of the other companies charge substantially higher rates than EazyResearch. Additionally, they also charge for some of the services that we provide for free while providing a lower quality service.
Qualified Writers:
Here at EazyResearch we have a very strict policy when it comes to hiring writers. Our writers are graduates of some of the best universities in USA. They have years of experience writing academic papers.
Amateur Writers:
Other companies often hire amateur writers who have no experience writing academic papers. Academic papers should be done by writers who have experience and are familiar with the requirements for assignments.
Transparent dealing:
At EazyResearch we make everything transparent to the customer. You’re told who your writer is and you can view their details. You can also request a change of writers and there are no hidden fees after ordering.
Obscure dealings:
Most other companies have policies nowhere near as strict as ours. Some companies also charge additional fees which is wrong. They also do not tell the customer about the writer their assignment is being done by.
Freebies galore:
We offer a lot of services free of charge such as topic selection, unlimited revisions, proofreading and editing. We also offer free consultancy and have the option of live chat 24/7 if anyone has any queries they need answered.
Pay for everything:
Companies do not usually offer freebies like we do. They tend to charge for even the most miniscule of services. Some even charge if you want to use the live chat feature. Would you want to pay for every change to your essay?

The above table shows the difference between our services and our competitors and the major differences between us and them. We try to keep our prices as low as possible while providing as many services as we can at the highest quality. This is because we aim to lessen the stress from students’ shoulders instead of piling more of it on them.

What tips do our essay writers follow while writing your essays?

Our writers are professional and experienced individuals who are graduates from some of the top and most renowned universities in the world. Every single writer US based in our team is eager and dedicated in helping out struggling students. They have gone through this phase themselves and know the struggle that the students face. They have years of experience writing academic assignments for students and know the ins and outs of the requirements, formats, related information and other such things.

  • Research:
    This is the first and foremost step in doing the essay. As soon as the order and the necessary details are confirmed, a writer is assigned to the project. The writer immediately gets started on researching and gathering all the relative information needed. They use the internet, books, newspapers, articles as well as many other reliable sources of information. This is an integral part of the assignment and the level of research reflects the effort you’ve put into the assignment.
  • Getting started:
    Once the writer has gathered sufficient information, they get started on the essay. Our writers try to get the client’s project done as soon as possible. This does not mean that they just breeze through the client’s essay. They take their time and craft a detailed and concise essay for the customer but they try to get it done as soon as possible so that the client can have a look at the final draft and get any changes made if they feel like they’re required.
  • Absolutely zero plagiarism:
    Our writers guarantee the use of completely authentic and reliable sources while providing completely original content. There is zero material that is copied from other articles, websites or anywhere else. Our content is always written from scratch and is specific to the customer’s needs and demands.
  • Suitable format and structure:
    Years of experience in writing academic papers allows our writers to be very familiar with the structures and formats that are required and expected from students. These structures and formats vary depending on the specific type of academic paper being written but our writers are experienced with all kinds.

Aside from this there is a set of rules our writers are supposed to follow in order to make sure that the quality of our content and customer satisfaction remains as high as possible. Our writers follow these rules religiously and strive to provide the best service they possibly can.

Do Not Miss Out On Availing Our Cheap Essay Writing Service!

There’s all the encouragement you need to need. You won’t find a cheap essay writing service that matches the quality we provide, both, in our dealings and our content. The quality of our services and level of dedication is superior to other companies who are providing the same services at the same or even higher prices. Our affordable rates combined with the range of services we offer is a great excuse for you to head over and order an essay now.

It is incredibly easy for users to place an order through our website. We have made it as easy as possible, especially for new users who are visiting the website for the first time. You would just request “write an essay for me” and your request would be answered.

The ordering process barely takes minutes. Each step has instructions provided and you can ask for additional guidance from the customer support representatives available through the live-chat feature.

  • Decide what kind of assignment you want: essay, dissertation, thesis etc.
  • Describe the specific subject, course or topic you want the essay on.
  • Details and specifics are important as the quality of the essay depends on it.
  • Date by which the essay is required to be submitted.
  • Payment needs to be made before the order is placed.

It may sound a little daunting and confusing but it is actually really easy. It barely takes minutes to do and our customer support representatives are available 24/7 to help out and answer any questions you may have.


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