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The Kind of Mistakes Students Need Essay Help With

Writing an essay comes with its own set of problems. According to the queries we receive on a daily basis, students usually need essay help with the following kind of mistakes and errors that they make in their essays.

Not Understanding the Essay Type

The type of the essay greatly determines how the essay will be structured overall. Many times, students receive the topic but they are not told about the type of the essay, which creates problems when they are researching and writing.

Writing a Boring Introduction

Considering that the Introduction is the first portion of the essay, students need to make it engaging and adequate in the sense that the Thesis Statement is also understood. Failing to craft an engaging Intro means no interest from the reader.

Leaving the Essay on a Cliff-hanger

Just as nobody likes a movie which ends on a cliff-hanger, teachers also want the essay furnished to be concluded in a proper manner. An effective Conclusion should summarise the essay and reinstate the Thesis Statement as well.

Citing the Sources Inaccurately

For all the information presented in the essay, students need to ensure that they cite the information with their sources in the recommended style. Inaccurate citation will result in the teacher giving the student a bad grade ultimately.

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The last step of a perfectly written essay is to check for its validity and correction and that’s what pro-writers of EazyResearch are great at! We provide essay editing and proofreading services to fix all your mistakes.

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Your troubles of write my essay are long gone with EazyResearch essay writing, editing and proofreading services to help you grow academically by delivering quality filled essays of any topic and course.

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Let us write your argumentative essay for you because we are champions at providing great argumentative essay writing services to all students in need of a perfectly written essay under their specifications.

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Don’t stress over your informative essay writing problems and let the experts handle it for you through EazyResearch and its outstanding essay writing and editing services through authentic research resources.

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We are here to solve your essay queries and offer you to buy essay from us which will guarantee your dream score, high quality and filled with creativity to make your mark through your essay of any course or type


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We have different packages depending on how urgently you need your essay but it also depends on the subject and the number of words that are required by the customer.
We have made it very easy to place an order on our website to save time and energy. You can contact us through e-mail, phone or use the live-chat feature on our website to place your order which only takes a few minutes.
You can sit back and relax after placing your order. You will be provided with a finalized draft before the delivery date. You can then ask for any changes you like before the essay is finalized and sent to you, ready for submission.
You’re in luck because we also offer services which will help you pick a unique and interesting topic which will be sure to blow away your professor and get you the grades you want.
To prevent this, we keep our customers in the loop. We regularly take their feedback and input when their essay is being written. They are also free to request changes once their assignment has been completed.

Ace Your Essays Now With The Best Essay Help in USA!

Essays plays a central role in your education from school to university everywhere around the world. Whether you are in grade one or achieving your master’s degree, you will never get rid of essay writing.

Essays make an important part of your assessment because teachers think they improve your writing and analytical skills. They help you stand out among the crowd by showing your interests and abilities. Moreover they also help you get scholarship in your desired college.

Are you looking for easy ways to ace your essays? Do you want your essay to outshine among your peers? Then don’t worry because we are here with the Best Essay Help in USA.

EazyResearch has been serving in the academic industry since 2011. We have assisted over 10,000 students worldwide with our essays, assignments, thesis, dissertations and coursework services.

Ever Wondered To Yourself “Gosh I Need Someone To Help Me With My Essay!”

You might be loaded with coursework or exam stress, working on a project or busy with a job and don’t have time to write long, complicated essays. Or you might have time but have no idea where to begin with.

Or you might be one of those who had taken multiple attempts of pleasing your teacher with essays. But always end up wallowing in despair. This is because there is always a savvy student in your class who always come up with the best draft. This is because they might have the resources and knowledge you don’t have and that is why they are always there with their most efficient work.

Well you can either continue to live in despondence or start acquiring those professional skills to amaze your teachers with your writing. Being a student of the US, you would definitely be requiring essay help US based to manage your essays.

There are different types of essays from entrance exam to acing your grades, each requiring exceptional skills to master. You can either ask your friends, “please help me with my essay” or contact an essay writing service for online consultation.

What are the various types of essays?

Essays are of various types depending on what you intend to describe or write in particular one:

1.DESCRIPTIVE ESSAYSEnumerate complete details on a topic.
2.NARRATIVE ESSAYSThese essays comprise of stories and characters with a moral or lesson.
3.EXPLORATORY ESSAYSThese essays tend to explore a problem or issue with multiple evidences and comes up with a conclusion.
4.ANALYTICAL ESSAYSThis essay does a detailed examination of a subject from different views and perspectives.
5.COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAYSThis essay analyzes how things are similar and different by comparisons and contrasts.
6.RESEARCH ESSAYSIt involves comprehensive literature review and solving a research question and achieving research objectives.
7.ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYSThis type of essay emphasizes on a particular statement and tends to persuade a reader on a specific hypothesis.
8.REVIEW ESSAYSIt enlightens the pros and cons of particular niche through reviews and judgments.

You cannot become a master in each type of essay, but you can learn some tips and tricks of general structure of an essay and develop yours’ accordingly. Or you can just dial our number and get expert advice for your essay.

What is the general structure of an essay?

No matter how different your essay is, it follows a basic structure consisting of:

  • 1st paragraph of your essay.
  • 5-7 lines introducing the reader to your topic.
  • Includes the Thesis Statement and background of the topic.
  • Add something interesting to catch reader’s interest.
  • 2nd part of essay.
  • Usually contains more than one paragraph.
  • The main part of your essay containing the most vital information.
  • You can add facts and figures, descriptions or evidences to support your statements.
  • Ending paragraph of your essay.
  • It summarises your entire work.
  • Never leave your conclusion on a cliffhanger.

Your essay no matter how easy or complex is; you have to follow the above simple outline to make sure that it goes in a flow. Moreover you just to avoid some errors and mistakes that can ruin your essay completely.

What Errors And Mistakes Usually Ruin An Essay?

Essay writing is not a difficult task once you get the hang of it. But there are some “DONTS” you must keep in mind to avoid getting your essay rejected.

  • Repeating the same phrases again and again.
  • Using technical and difficult vocabulary.
  • Using someone else’s work with your name.
  • Exceeding the word length.
  • Using outdated data.
  • Going from one paragraph to other without transition.
  • Making grammatical mistakes.

By following the general format of an essay and avoiding some general mistakes and errors, you can write a masterpiece. You can just pick a paper and pen and start outlining your task. Still having the essay blues? Here we are to rescue you will the best essay help.

How Can We Rescue You From Essay Stress With The Best Essay Help in United States?

Academic stress is one of its own kind making your career-work life balance difficult. EazyResearch is well aware of all your sufferings and that is why we are here to rescue you from all the academic blues.

Whether you are searching for best essay help in United States or want assistance regarding assignments, dissertations, coursework, term papers or thesis, we have experts from every field. Want to know how our experts create premium essays? Here are some tips for you.

These Tips From Our Experts Will Act As Essay Writing Help For You!

You might have collected all your essentials and are now out and about to start constructing your essay. But one thing strikes your mind and that is how to actually begin writing it? Every student has the same hardship of giving their writing a kick-start and that is where our experts’ help comes.

Our writing team consists of experts from various fields. Whenever you ring our bell for online assistance, our customer support team take downs all your requirements and refers you to the best expert to provide you with the best guide.

Though you can get the best advice in accordance to your stipulations, here are some tips our proficient writers use when they write your essay. Just follow these recommendations and you will never have to ask for essay writing help ever again.

  • 1.Browse through other essays:
    The tip to write a successful essay is reading. The more you read the more creative you can be with your work. You can either take out essays online or take an idea by reading essays of your peers and seniors.
    Browsing through others essays will help you in multiple ways like:
  1. It will help you understand different writing styles and help you develop one of your own.
  2. It will help you get a grip on a wide variety of subjects.
  3. It will help you develop a critical eye to analyze different types of writings.
  4. It will help you increase your reading and writing skills.

Just reading different kinds of essays will improve all the skills you will need to begin writing your essay with a lot of energy!

  • 2.Improve Your Vocabulary:
    Another requisite you will need to master is your vocabulary. A fine tuning of words is extremely necessary to effectively communicate with your reader. A good writer keeps on learning new words and expanding their vocabulary. There are multiple ways you can improve your vocabulary like:
  1. Develop a habit of learning 5 new words every day.
  2. Read more books.
  3. Download a dictionary in your phone.
  4. Sign up to different dictionary softwares.
  5. Look for synonyms and antonyms for words you repeatedly use in your writing.
  6. Use a thesaurus for learning different synonyms.
  7. Start making your own vocabulary book adding 5 words with sentences every day.

Having a good vocabulary makes your sentences effective and your essay more reader friendly while further helping you get a command on the language.

  • 3.Write Like You Are Conversing with the Readers:
    Write your essay like you are having a conversation with your readers. Make use of interjections, linking words and punctuations and use a conversational tone by:
  1. Using easy and natural words.
  2. Avoiding complicated and posh words.
  3. Using active voice rather than passive voice.
  4. Make use of contractions like “DON’T” instead of “DO NOT” ; “WE’RE” instead of “WE ARE”
  5. Address readers using “YOU”.
  6. Add questions to engage your readers.
  7. Use “sensory words” to add an emotional tone.
  8. Read your essay aloud.
  9. Rewrite your essay if you don’t find yourself intrigued by it.
  • 4.Add Quotes and Opinions of Experts:
    Your reader would like to explore new knowledge through your essays. There are dozens of ways you can make your essay informative by adding:
  1. Quotations relevant to your essay.
  2. Facts and statistics from different research articles.
  3. Attractive Infographics like: Charts and tables.
  4. Real life examples.
  5. Giving contrasting views on a topic.

It is important to add references of the articles from which you have extracted the quotations, opinions and statistics for your essays which makes your essay more persuasive and effective.

Though, in the end, you can give your ending notes by concluding the facts, agreeing or disagreeing to the scholars’ findings or opinions.

  • 5.Refined Syntax and Punctuations:
    You can make your essay compelling by making a proper format for it. Creating a proper syntax with correct grammar and punctuation can add enthralling elements into your piece of work.
    You just need to consider following questions to refine your syntax:
  1. Are my sentences too long or too short?
  2. Have I suitably added information in the introduction, body and conclusion?
  3. Is my idea properly conveyed to the readers?
  4. Have I achieved my objective of this essay?
  5. Is my essay reader friendly and engaging to read?
  6. Does my essay have a unique style?

With a proper format and easy tips and tricks given above, you can make a flawless essay to:

  • Impress your teacher.
  • Get admission into your desired college.
  • Avail the best scholarships.

Still Thinking “I Would Prefer If You Could Instead Help Me Write An Essay”?

With these essay tips given above, you can take your essay to another level.

Still want our help? Are you looking for our experts guide? Do you want them to write your essay? Are you still pleading to your friends ‘please help me write an essay’?

Keeping in view the diversity of our customers, our panel consists of writers from wide areas working as professors at universities from all over United States of America. You can choose your favorite writer expert in your subject from our board and get best essays written by them.

Want to know how our team synchronizes to give you the best services? Here are some of the steps from our nexus of working system.

How Does Your Team Synchronize To Provide Me With The Best Essay Services?

Whenever you call our team and ask, “Please help me write an essay.” we take your requirements, and start working on it taking the following steps:

  • Our customer support executives take your requirements and brief you with the list of writers who have expertise in your subject.
  • We not only let you select your writer but also your preferred proofreader.
  • Your writer contacts you to discuss the topic, syntax and research material.
  • After a clear discussion, the professional starts writing your essay.
  • Your essay goes to the Quality Assurance team where your chosen expert edits and proofreads your work.
  • The essay is run and tested by software Turnitin to ensure a plagiarism free work.
  • After we make sure that we have created the finest essay for you, we send it to your email along with free Turnitin generated report.

We take authority of your work and even after the final delivery, if the essay did not meet your requirements, you can get it revised from us at no cost!

Our Essay Order Process:

Did you like how we work seamlessly to give you the top notch work? Looking forward to buy our essays? Then you are just some steps away from getting the preeminent essays from us!

How You Can Benefit From Availing Our Essay Help Online?

Besides the top notch essays, we offer you premium benefits when you avail our essay help online. We have multiple free benefits for you like:

  • Free topic selection
  • Free syntax
  • Free citations
  • Free plagiarism report
  • Free revisions

With freebies, you can have multiple opportunities from us like:

  • Budget Friendly Rates with Prompt Discounts: All our rates are arranged keeping in view that most of our customers are students. And that is why we announce discounts on from time to time so that maximum students can benefit from our services.
  • Data Confidentiality: We treat your information as our asset and that is why we have data encryption softwares to keep your data and information extremely secure.
  • Original Essays: All our essays are highly customized keeping in view your subject, type of essay you want, the requirements given by your teacher and the level of research involved. Thus the resulted essay is a masterpiece free of plagiarism, grammar errors and other mistakes.
  • Editing and Proofreading Service: We make sure that we deliver you the finest draft that will get approved in no time and that is why we are the only brand that not only lets you choose your writer but also the proofreader.
  • Money back guarantee: All our services are written and proofread by US based experts and that is why we give you complete money back guarantee.

For Which Subjects Can You Avail Essay Writing Help Online?

The expertise of our writers are not limited to a few subjects or topics. We started with a small group of academic writers from business management in 2011 and progressed to over 500 writers from over 100 different categories and sub categories including:

  • Business management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Literature and linguistics
  • Economics
  • Human resource management
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Education/ teaching

With different essentials of essay writing in different niches including contrasting syntaxes, research, analysis and narrations, our experts are well acquainted of how these inclusions are a hard task for you. That is why we are here to give you the premium essay writing help online in order to relieve you of all essay related stress.


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