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What Is There In Dissertation Writing?

Dissertation writing does not involve only writing the dissertation, but a whole set of procedures are there which the student must cover. You as a student can rest assured that our writers will be present to help you on every step of the way!

Selecting the Perfect Topic

The first barrier that the students must cross involves the selection of the topic. If the student is confused on the topic, our writers can help by researching and critically reviewing different kinds of literature to create the perfect kind of topic.

Preparing the Proposal

In order to get the topic approved, it is necessary to prepare and present a Dissertation Proposal which outlines the required timeframe for research, methods, and the Research Question (s) which has/have to be answered.

Writing the Dissertation

After the approval of the Proposal, our writers can help you out with writing the Dissertation itself. This includes writing all of the sections of a Dissertation or some chapters of the Dissertation as per your given requirement.

Reviewing the Dissertation

It is extremely important to review the dissertation after completing it, to ensure that there are no errors present in it. We have a separate team of qualified editors who will examine the dissertation completely for all kinds of errors.

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Delivering the best Dissertation Writing services to get you the perfect scores

Dissertation Writing

Don’t get stuck in writing a literature review with frustration. We are here to carefully draft your LR, EazyResearch offers one of the greatest dissertation writing unit to write your dissertations under deadlines.

Dissertation Editing

We understand how crucial it gets with editing your dissertation on your own. Worry not! EazyResearch will be editing your dissertations and correcting all the minor and major flaws of your dissertation.

Dissertation Help

The complexity of making referencing for your dissertation is long gone because EazyResearch comprises of highly experienced and qualified writers to make authentic references and help you throughout your dissertation problems.

PhD Dissertation Writing

Doctorate level dissertation is never easy but, with the help of EazyResearch, it is easily handled and guarantees you a good score. Get yourself a PHD qualified writer to write your PhD dissertation according to your wants.

Master Dissertation Writing

Crafting your Masters' dissertations to perfection, our panel of experienced dissertation writers are qualified and industry experts. You don’t want to miss the chance of getting an expert for your dissertation.

Expert Proofreading

An expert can detect the errors in your dissertation easily. As our expert proof-readers and editors are well-known for their qualifications and experience. Catching errors and correcting them for your dissertation.


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Look into our dissertation quality process and satisfy yourself with our strict quality checks.


Dissertation Topic

The dissertation topic is selected based on the course nature and your requirement

Industry Expert

The expert writer will review the selected topic and finalize the topic for dissertation writing

Editing & Proofread

After the dissertation is complete it is edited and proofread by professionals for quality assurance

Delivery Process

The dissertation will be approved by industry leaders and delivered to you on time

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This is a very common problem that students face and we have a service dedicated to this. It will help you choose a suitable topic that is relevant and identifies all the market gaps required.
If you feel like the dissertation you’ve written is not up to the mark then avail our proofreading and editing services. They will rid your dissertation of any and all errors and make it immaculate for you to present.
Your dissertation will be assigned to a qualified and experienced writer who is an expert in the subject which your dissertation falls under. You can sit back and relax as you’ll receive a completed dissertation which you only need to submit to your course handler.
You can access and monitor the progress of your essay through our live chat which is available 24/7. You can request a change of writers if you feel like the current one isn’t suitable to your needs. At EazyResearch, you come first.
We realize the amount of stress that most students are under and therefore we try to keep our prices as low as possible without compromising our services. We are sure that you will be able to afford our services without breaking the bank.
h4>Delivering Premium Level Dissertation Writing Services in USA to Get You That Approval!

You might be dreaming of throwing your hats up high at your convocation, you have passed all your exams with flying colors but the only thing stopping you is the approval of your dissertation.
While you might think to yourself, “Why do I have to write dissertation to get my degree?” It is made an important part of your degree system because:

  • It helps you identify your area of interest.
  • It helps you explore your subject in depth.
  • It helps you understand more about research and statistical tools.
  • It helps you in keeping yourself up to date in the relevant field.

Considering the importance and hardships of dissertation writing, a community of academic writers in the United States started an organization called EazyResearch in 2011. Since then, it has assisted millions of students in their thesis, dissertations, essay writing and assignments. EazyResearch is a team of renowned writers and university professors from all over USA providing academic writing services globally. Whether you are looking for dissertation writing services in USA or help related to essay editing and proofreading, we deliver premium quality services at your doorstep.

Needing Help With Dissertation To Overcome The Dissertation Writing Process?

Dissertation is hard at all levels. With undergraduate dissertation consisting of 8000 words, a master and PhD dissertation can extend up to 100,000 words requiring expertise in the relevant field.
Dissertation writing at any level does not happen in a day, rather it is a whole process needing exceptional analytical and writing skills.

What is the whole process for the dissertation submission?

The process of dissertation submission is not a piece of cake rather it requires a lot of patience and diligence. It is a series of processes that necessitates approval from your supervisor at every step. A professionally crafted dissertation follows steps including:

  • Selection of research problem and objectives: This is the most important step in your dissertation writing. Your research objective should be innovative and interesting so that:
  1. It captivates your readers’ attention.
  2. Gives you an idea about your research variables and
  3. Briefs indications of the type of articles you will select for your literature review.
    • Selection of articles for literature review: After you get your research topic approved by your supervisor, you will have to select articles for literature review. The articles you choose should be not older than 10 years.
    • Selection of variables: You will select variables and their relationships to determine your results. The selection of variables and their relationship can be obtained from past researches.
    • Writing Dissertation proposal: This is the second step in your dissertation writing. Proposal is a paper outlining how will you carry out your research under 3 basic chapters:
  1. Introduction: It consist of research aims and objectives.
  2. Literature Review: This contains review of previous similar work and extraction of variables to make conceptual framework of them.
  3. Methodology: It enlightens the research design, sample collection and data analysis tools you will use for your research.
    • Dissertation paper writing: After your dissertation gets approved, you will be headed towards dissertation paper writing. This paper extends from 60-100 pages long and consists of many vital and supplementary chapters.
    • Dissertation editing and proofreading: You will have to make sure that your dissertation is original and free from plagiarism with the appropriate grammar and format. This includes editing and proofreading it by yourself or asking a senior or expert to do it.
    • Submissions and revisions: Your final dissertation may undergo multiple revisions before your supervisor finally approves it.

You might be one of those who are undergoing this process for the first time or revising the final draft for the fifth time, and might be needing help with dissertation. EazyResearch can help you with every step starting from research topic selection to the final revisions required for your dissertation approval.

What are the general chapters of a dissertation?

A dissertation consists of 5 important chapters outlining your complete research from A to Z. These chapters are:

Introduction: An introduction is the first and foremost chapter of your dissertation. An introduction of your dissertation includes:

  • Background of the subject you are writing for.
  • A review of the studies conducted in the relevant field.
  • The research problem: i.e. gap between current and desired knowledge.
  • The research question: which is “WHAT” of your study.
  • The research objectives: which is “WHY” of your study.

Literature review: The study of the published and unpublished articles relevant to your study is called literature review. They on one hand provide an in-depth knowledge of ideas, concepts and opinions related to your subject. On the other hand they help you extract variables for your research and develop an accurate relationship between them.

The conceptual framework of your research consists of following variables:

  • Independent variable: Is the one that has the property of influencing or affecting the other variables
  • Dependent variable: The variable that may get affected or influenced by independent variables.
  • Mediating/ intervening variable: It describes why or how the relationship exists between independent and dependent variables.
  • Moderating variable: As the name suggests, it has the property to change the relationship between dependent and independent variables.

Methodology: Is the third vital chapter of your dissertation. This section explains how you carried out the research through:

  • Type of research design: Qualitative or Quantitative.
  • Data collection tools: surveys, questionnaires, interviews.
  • Type of sample.
  • Size of sample.
  • Data analysis approach.

It is important to evaluate the validity and reliability of your research design before you choose your methodology.

Data analysis: It is the process of evaluating the data collected to derive a specific result. It consists of different statistical and analytical tools to evaluate the information collected to draw conclusions and make predictions. It can be of different types depending on the research objectives and design:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Prescriptive Analysis
  • Text Analysis
  • Diagnostic Analysis

Conclusion: The final chapter of the dissertation summarizing your entire research is called the Conclusion. It includes restating the thesis statement and main points including the end notes. A conclusion makes sure that all the points in your dissertation are appropriately covered and explained.

What are some other chapters of a dissertation?

While your dissertation consist of main 5 parts but there are other supplementary chapters without which your research would be incomplete.

  1. Abstract: Though you would write the abstract of your study in the end, this is the first section that your reader will come through. A properly crafted Abstract is a like a trailer. It has highlights from all the compulsory chapters of your research.
  2. Acknowledgements: It includes a note of thanks to all people who contributed towards making your research successful. It is advisable to carefully consider the order of acknowledgments. Your expression should be a concise statement of gratitude. It is better to avoid a strong emotional tone.
  3. Table of contents: Is an index showing the chapters included in your research paper.
  4. References: Though references is often mixed with bibliography but there are widely accepted differences between them. This section contains the information of all the articles that are cited in the text of your research paper.
  5. Bibliography: Is the list of all the relevant articles you used for your research and not included in the text. This may include the authors you consulted or articles you used to generate the research questions.
  6. You have to add all the authors in the alphabetical order and follow a certain style for referencing from:
    • Chicago Manual of Style.
    • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).
    • Turabian’s Manual for Writers.
  7. Appendices: This section includes the information of the additional sources that can be used to further invest on the topic of your dissertation. The sources for your referencing may include:
    • Books
    • Journals (Academic and professional)
    • Published and unpublished thesis
    • Government and corporation reports.
    • Internet
    • Newspapers

Why is writing a dissertation so difficult? Why do students need dissertation writing help?

You might, as a student, find it hard to write a dissertation. No wonder dissertation writing is a tedious and frustrating task and there are various reasons why students ask their seniors or organizations for dissertation writing help.

  • They cannot find a unique thesis statement for their dissertation.
  • They are not well acquainted with the dissertation chapters and its components.
  • They might be doing jobs and finding it hard to maintain career work-life balance.
  • They might be doing exploratory research and not have enough data to work on.
  • They might be finding it difficult to find secondary data for their research demand.
  • They might have limited access to the literature available for the research.

You might also be suffering from one of the above situations forcing you to look for others to write dissertations for you. But there are dozens of ways you can motivate yourself to ace that task of dissertation writing.

How can I motivate myself to write dissertation?

Though you might find dissertation writing dreary and annoying, there are multiple ways you can motivate yourself to successfully finish your dissertation:

  • Make an outline of your dissertation.
  • Organize your plan; make a diary of when will you go for data collection, what days you will dedicate for literature review and which days you will choose for paper writing.
  • Plan your everyday tasks by designating timeslots.
  • Take breaks from dissertation writing by doing other activities.
  • Find research peers; so that you cannot get bored.
  • Make a progress chart so that you can evaluate desired and actual performance.

With the description of structure, dissertation process and tricks to motivate yourself, you will be able to write your dissertation in no time.

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The Rise of Cheap Dissertation Writing Services USA Based – When Do Students Look To Buy Dissertation Online USA Based?

Though there are various guide available on internet for dissertation writing but students still ask their peers and seniors for their assistance. This is because they do not have expertise in the relevant field with scarce knowledge in statistics.

The unavailability of seniors at all levels leave students to buy dissertation online USA based as their last resort. Though there are dozens of dissertation writing services that provide research papers at low cost, they do not have native and experienced USA based writers that compromise the quality.

Furthermore they don’t give free revisions, money back guarantee and data security as a part of their services. With amazing freebies, budget friendly rates and multiple facilities bundle, EazyResearch is your perfect spot for dissertation writing service.

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Too cheap or too expensive; we keep our customers far away from these two extremes! We provide extremely affordable dissertation writing services that are light on your pocket.

We have not limited our expertise to one area. Rather we have subject specialists for various niches. With some websites only offering complete dissertation writing, you can get any of the following services from us:

  • Expert online consultation
  • Custom dissertation topics
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  • Dissertation writing
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Though we provide dissertation writing from scratch. But if you want our help at a particular step like selecting a unique topic for you or edit and proofread your work, our best dissertation writers USA based will do that for you so you can enjoy your dissertation experience with us!

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How you can start availing our custom dissertation writing service right away?

If you loved our services and looking to order our custom dissertation writing service, then you are just a few steps away from your destination:

  1. Contact us via call or live chat after which you will be required to fill an online form.
  2. You can choose your own writer and proofreader with us after which you will be directed to payment method.
  3. Once your order is placed, your writer will discuss the research problem and objectives with you.
  4. After the approval of the topic, your writer will send you the proposal for your dissertation.
  5. Once your proposal will get approved, we will start working on your dissertation.
  6. The final dissertation once written is sent to Quality Assurance department.
  7. The Quality Assurance department edits and proofreads it further. Also it is checked via plagiarism software Turnitin to ensure originality of the research paper.
  8. The final draft is sent with plagiarism report to your email from where you can download it.

Custom dissertation service for a variety of subjects!

With professional and highly experienced writers, you can have best custom dissertations for any subject with a reliable service like us:

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With every service related to dissertation writing available for all subjects; and that even with the best writers in USA. What else do you want? With highly affordable rates and bundles of services, we can assure you that you will not find a better website than us.

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