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What Does Our Dissertation Editing Include?

A Dissertation should be properly reviewed before its submission because the degree is awarded on the basis of its approval. Our PhD qualified editors ensure to proofread and edit every dissertation to perfection by doing the following.

Testing Plagiarism Score

Every dissertation we receive is run through Turnitin from where we find out the amount of Plagiarism present in the dissertation. Our aim remains to minimize the detected Plagiarism close to 0% so that the content appears original.

Examining Typos & Formatting

A dissertation can also be rejected on the basis of small typos, spelling errors, grammatical errors and formatting issues such as margins and headings. All of these errors are examined through software and manually too for accurate removal.

Reviewing the Compliance

The Research Question should be properly answered and the Dissertation should be covering the Research Aims and Objectives properly. Our Editors check if the Dissertation is properly complying with the requirements communicated.

Checking the Referencing

Citation of all the Sources is to be done in the recommended style in the authentic form; otherwise the Dissertation can also be rejected on the basis of inaccurate referencing. Our Editors check the Referencing as well during Q/A.

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We offer many services which are particular to our client’s needs. This can range from having your dissertation done to just having it edited and proofread by a qualified individual to correct any mistakes in it.
If you happen to be unhappy with the dissertation then we offer unlimited revisions free of charge. This means that you can have your dissertation changed and edited and you’re happy and satisfied with the final product.
Our writers are extremely professional and experienced in their respective field. Your order will be assigned to a writer who is an expert in the subject so that he or she can provide you with the best possible dissertation.
Getting your dissertation done by us means you’re guaranteeing yourself a decent grade, as well as making sure that your dissertation will be done and finished before the deadline so that you can submit it on time.
Our large and diverse team of writers allows us to cater to all students, regardless of which subject they require a dissertation for. We do not turn away any students, no matter how niche or unique their subject may be.

Dissertation Editing Service in USA To Get Your Dissertations Accepted!

A dissertation can prove to be the most important point in the life of a student. The reason is that it basically determines whether or not the student will be awarded with their degree. The student could have had spent huge tuition fees and during their time at their university and did brilliant assignments, but if their dissertation gets rejected; their degree will be put on hold as well.

In order to help out students who are struggling with getting their dissertations approved, EazyResearch also provides quality dissertation editing service in USA to make sure that such students can render their dissertations error-free!

“Do I Really Need to Proofread and Edit My Dissertation?”

A dissertation is an elongated research paper which is usually submitted at the end of a degree program. The purpose of making the submission of a dissertation compulsory is that the university tests whether or not the student has acquired some substantial knowledge from the degree they have procured. Another reason is that it is checked if the student can contribute to the academic community in any way.

What is the importance of writing a dissertation?

  • Helps in testing the ability of the student to carry out research independently
  • Demonstrates if the student capable of identifying their own area of interest
  • Exhibits if the student can manage a research project or not
  • Proves that the student understands their discipline in depth

While not all universities demand that a student submit a dissertation at the end of their degree program, a majority of them in the United States of America have made it compulsory that students do submit a dissertation. Until and unless the dissertation is not approved, the degree of the student is put on hold.

No wonder we at EazyResearch are receiving queries every other way that usually go ‘please edit my dissertation on an urgent basis for me’.

As such, students need to ensure that their dissertation is error-free and accurately fulfills all the requirements set forth by the university. If the dissertation is rejected, the student has to either edit and revise the dissertation or prepare a new one from scratch. In either case, they need to present one that gets approved anyhow.

However, writing a dissertation is not only limited to writing the dissertation itself. It follows through a whole process.

Where does the dissertation process start and end?

  • The student starts performing research for selecting a topic
  • Once the student selects a topic, they prepare a Dissertation Proposal on it
  • The Dissertation Proposal is defended for approval
  • If approved, the students start with their research
  • The student performs the critical literature review and the research
  • Research is compiled and written side by side
  • Once everything is done, the dissertation is compiled
  • After the compilation, the dissertation is defended in front of the committee

As you can read from the above listed process, it is definitely not easy for students to make it through their years in university. A lot of students face problems because they ignore the basic aspects of dissertation editing.

Just as you as a student would not hand in an essay without making sure that it is perfected for an A+, similarly, you would definitely not randomly hand in your dissertation without proofreading it. However, many students tend to ignore the basic task of dissertation editing and proofreading.

Why is it important to proofread and edit a dissertation? What kind of mistakes and errors can be there?

  • A high amount of plagiarism can be detected in the dissertation

Since all knowledge is borrowed from some source or the other, many students do not realise that the information they have included in their dissertation can increase the amount of plagiarism if it has been copy pasted simply.

  • Spelling errors or grammatical errors can be present

Many students are not highly proficient with writing or framing sentences in an accurate manner. This leads to them making a lot of typos or spelling mistakes as well as grammatical mistakes. Such mistakes highly deplete the overall look of the dissertation.

  • Not following the structure of a dissertation

The structure of a dissertation is to be followed anyhow and if the students do not frame the dissertation according to the proposed structure, it will backfire on them. They cannot write the Methodologies before the Introduction, or the Conclusion before the Data Analysis/Findings.
Similarly, other components like Table of Contents, Appendices, and Acknowledgements etc. are also necessary to be included in the way that has been advised.

  • Failure to fulfill the research gaps or answer the research questions

A dissertation aims to fulfill some existing research gaps and objectives and answer the research questions specified in the introduction of the dissertation. If the supervisory committee feels that the dissertation is not properly answering the research questions that were specified, it can serve as the prime reason for the rejection. The arguments should be convincing enough to persuade the readers and justify the basis for the dissertation overall.

  • Simple formatting errors such as uneven margins or inconsistency in font size

Inconsistency in any place in your dissertation or any kind of academic paper can overall ruin the complete look of it. If the margins are not even or if there is variation in the font size, then the dissertation will not appear appealing at all. The reader may even get confused on the sections or the content.

  • Inaccurate references or usage of incorrect referencing style

Citation of the sources from where the information has been gathered is highly necessary, otherwise it cannot be proved if the information is indeed accurate. The citation is to be done in the recommended referencing style properly.
Many students make the mistake of either not citing the sources, or doing so in an inaccurate form. If the source cannot be tracked properly, the dissertation is more than often rejected.

  • Not preparing the dissertation according to the academic level

It is important to note that the requirements and structure of a dissertation also varies according to the academic level. A lot of students also make this particular mistake of not understanding the difference. Students who complete their Bachelor level education and pursue Masters often fail to prepare a Master level dissertation according to its particular format.

For example, in a Bachelor level dissertation; students have to gather research from primary sources and only fulfill previous research gaps.

On the other hand; for a PhD level dissertation; students have to contribute something beneficial to the academic community and gather research from primary as well as secondary sources.

Resolve Your Dissertation Problems By Hiring The Best Dissertation Editing Service in USA!

EazyResearch has been working to provide quality academic writing services since 2011, and we have not limited ourselves only to crafting papers. We also provide services such as dissertation editing and proofreading service so that students who need to get their dissertations modified can contact us too.

Why hire our dissertation proofreading and editing service?

  • A credible name in the academic industry
  • Team of expert writers and editors
  • Guarantee to provide unique content
  • Separate Quality Control department
  • Writers and editors for plenty of subjects
  • Free plagiarism report along with dissertation
  • Refunds and free revisions if service is not satisfactory

As you can read from the points listed, we tend to provide complete solutions to all kinds of academic papers which include dissertations as well. We grew from a team of a few writers to a full-fledged organisation that aims to rescue the students of the United States of America from academic distress.

We can provide proofreading service in USA along with editing for many subjects!

Many organisations do not achieve the status of becoming popular amongst students, simply because they do not have writers and editors for plenty of subjects. We provide proofreading service in USA for a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Management
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Audit and Taxation
  • English Literature
  • Economics
  • Marketing

Our team includes writers and editors for many more than just the subjects listed. We have hired the most qualified PhD editors with years of experience in academic writing and academic editing to proofread and edit your dissertations for you.

Time is running so avail our dissertation editing service in USA to avoid dissertation rejection!

Why risk getting your dissertation rejected? Let our editors have a look on it! If you have already landed on our website, you must have noticed that small Live Chat which automatically pops up. Or you must have noticed the Order Form as well. All you have to do is:

  • Speak to a Live Chat Agent or Call Us on the numbers listed
  • Communicate your requirements to us
  • Hand over your dissertation to us via email


  • Fill in the order form and send the dissertation to us
  • Once we receive your dissertation, the process will be such that:
  • Our Editors will first proofread it and check the issues
  • Editing will be done after the proofreading
  • A thorough report detailing the work done will be prepared
  • You will pay us the amount via the method finalized
  • The dissertation will be sent to you via email


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