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Things Our Assignment Editors Check During Q/A

Writing assignments has never been an easy game. But when it comes to editing and checking mistakes our services are what you can depend on to make sure that your assignments are error-free!
Our editors make sure to check the following during Q/A:

Grammar and Punctuations

No matter how well of an assignment you have prepared, some mistakes are always left which is why our Editors can be your saviors.
Our PhD editors have keen eyes for punctuations, typos and even sentence structure errors and they perform complete grammar checks.

Referencing & Citation Styles

The next step is to check if the referencing style has been utilized properly. Many students make mistakes in citation and referencing.
Our editors are well versed with all the referencing styles and will ensure that your assignment is properly referenced in the end.

Plagiarism & Originality

Many students often copy paste a lot of content which leads to a high percentage of detected plagiarism in the assignment.
Our editors check the plagiarism through Turnitin and accordingly edit the content to make it as unique as possible.

Learning Outcomes

Teachers always give some Learning Outcomes to cover in the assignments but many students do not cover them.
Our editors will make sure that the assignment you receive accurately fulfills and covers the Learning Outcomes.

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Make your assignment error-free! Get rid of all grammatical and punctuation errors by detecting mistakes through an expert proofreading. Our team of expert proof-readers are capable of detecting mistakes instantly.

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Get the best assignment help from industry leaders. You don’t want to miss out on our consultation for your perfectly written assignment. Get instant help by your selected writer specialized in your assignment course.


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We edit all kinds of assignments related to all the subjects. We have specialized writers and editors dedicated to this task
EazyResearch is famous for delivering orders on a short deadline. We are here to help you at any time of the day. Moreover, our support team is available 24/7 to answer your concerns and queries.
EzayResearch promised you 100% anonymity. We do not disclose the identity of our customers in any way or form under any condition. You can trust us to keep your identity confidential.
No, you don’t have to get your assignment written from us in order to avail the editing services. We offer assignment help combined with editing services as well, however, editing service is also available as a separate entity.
EazyResearch has a team of accomplished editors solely dedicated to the task of delivering quality work on time no matter how short a deadline is. Our team works day and night to ensure that your work gets delivered on time.

Get The Best Assignment Editing Service in USA & Get Your Assignments Accepted!

Assignments are a word known by all the students worldwide, because this particular word can prop up the deep seated fears of students in academics. Writing assignments is something that students eventually tend to manage one way or the other, the real nightmare that continues to haunt them is the ultimate ‘assignment rejection’. All the effort put into crafting the assignment immediately washes down the drain once the ‘rejection stamp’ is embossed on it.

Assignment rejection occurs due to a wide variety of reasons. In order to help out students encounter the rejection issue, EazyResearch presents Assignment Editing Service in USA to provide quality proofreading and editing services.

Assignment Rejection & Student Despair – Why Are Assignments Rejected?

Perfecting an assignment becomes much harder than writing the assignment overall. This is because; perfection takes time, knowledge and effort which are things many students are not willing to invest. Many students just want to get done with the assignments, and submit them as soon as possible.

Proofreading is something advised to us from an early age, because humans are prone to making mistakes no matter how experienced and qualified they become. Alas! Students tend to be so hasty that they tend to ignore this particular aspect of proofreading their assignments, hence leading to miscellaneous mistakes.

What are the typical mistakes and errors which cause assignments to be rejected?

  • Spelling errors and typos
    Typical spelling mistakes such as missing a letter in a word, or writing incorrect spellings even unintentionally lead to spelling errors and typos. These can be made by the most experienced even while writing hastily.
  • Syntax and sentence structure errors
    Using the correct words and structuring the sentences correctly requires proficiency in writing. Many students, especially international students are not proficient with the English language, causing them to use incorrect words and making insensible sentences.
  • Grammatical mistakes or inaccurate grammar
    Grammar forms a crucial component to mastering a language. Therefore, many students who do not follow the rules of grammar or do not have perfect grammar also end up making incorrect and insensible sentences. This also causes problem in conveying the message in their assignments.
  • Referencing and citation errors
    All the information presented in the assignment is to be cited in the recommended referencing style, which is something students often fail to do. Either they do not understand the referencing style, or they do not lay much emphasis on it.
  • Formatting and structure errors
    The assignment is to be presented in a neat and formatted manner, as proposed by the teacher. Formatting errors can include headings not being highlighted for prominence, change in font sizes in the overall assignment, pagination errors, no Table of Contents for quick navigation etc.
  • A high percentage of plagiarism
    Since every student prepares the assignment on borrowed knowledge, copy pasting information from the internet often leads to a high percentage of plagiarism. Students are often unaware on how they can remove plagiarism, or do not focus on making sure that their assignment appears unique overall.
  • Not covering the Learning Outcomes
    Every teacher wants to ensure that the student properly covers the Learning Outcomes given to them, and the material that has been taught to them during classes. Teachers want to test if the student was paying attention to what was being taught, or was even present in the class.
  • Failing to structure a logical flow
    Just as a reader would like a logical flow in a story, an assignment should also present a logical flow instead of causing the reader to become confused. The information should be explained properly step by step thus answering the main Research Questions or the main argument, and the assignment should be concluded properly as well.
  • Lack of consistency in the assignment
    Consistency in any form whether it pertains to formatting or whether it pertains to the information flow can ruin the look of an assignment. If a student has chosen a particular size for the subheadings, then that font size should remain consistent throughout.

Why Do Students Need an Assignment Editing and Proofreading Service?

The errors and mistakes which usually cause assignments to be rejected have to be removed while the assignment is being revised, or when the student has to redo the assignment. However, being students themselves, students are generally not aware of the technicalities involved in assignment editing.

A student would resort to requesting one of their colleagues by casually going ‘please edit my assignment for me my pal!’ or they would consider hiring a professional to edit their assignment for them. There are plenty of reasons which lead to students looking for an assignment editing and proofreading service.

Why do students hire a service to edit their assignments?

  • They do not have the knowledge or the perspective required for editing.
  • They are not proficient in writing or lack writing skills.
  • They do not have the time required to edit an assignment.
  • They cannot understand the mistakes which have to be corrected.
  • They fear failure in their semesters on account of assignment rejection.

As a result, students eventually tend to start hunting for the best assignment editing service online so that they can quickly get their assignments corrected and then submit them within their given deadlines. Therefore, students may start browsing queries such as ‘best assignment proofreading and editing service near me’ to find a service quickly.

Time to Wave Goodbye to Error-Ridden Assignments with Our Assignment Proofreading Service in USA

Assignment editing and proofreading is not something that can be done by any other amateur with a college degree. It requires knowledge of the subject and years of experience in assignment writing as well.

At EazyResearch, we have a whole team of writers and editors holding doctorate level qualifications as well as years of experience in academic writing. The qualifications, knowledge and experience combined render our writers as experts who can readily write as well as proofread and edit assignments with efficiency. There are plenty of reasons as to why you should give our services a try.

Why choose our services for getting your assignments edited?

  • Panel of highly qualified and experienced writers
  • PhD editors for proofreading and editing your assignments
  • Writers and editors for a wide variety of subjects
  • Affordable and custom packages to match your budget
  • Separate Quality Control Unit for proofreading and editing
  • Quality Review from PhD editor detailing the errors
  • Timely delivery of all orders placed including urgent orders
  • Free plagiarism report generated by Turnitin with every order
  • Free revisions if the quality fails to impress you
  • Free of cost consultancy to help you out

Instead of going through the hurdles of getting your assignments rejected, and then revising or redoing them all over again; you can choose the short way out and simply hand over your assignment to us. We have editors and writers who have graduated from American universities themselves and they are very well aware of the difficulties involved in editing assignments.

The writers and editors that we hire are included in our team after a strict hiring process, which includes:

  • Background checks to ensure that they have a clean record
  • Interviews for one-on-one communication
  • Ensuring that they have the relevant qualifications
  • Confirming their years of experience in the domain
  • Testing them through relevant tests
  • Putting them through initial trials

Our editors do not only manually check each and every assignment, but they test and run the assignments through the latest and most updated Quality Assurance software. The software readily provides the report highlighting all the errors after which our editors set down to editing.

The Quality Review that we provide, as well as the Plagiarism Report generated by Turnitin seeks to apprise you i.e. the student regarding all the errors that were present and to what extent have we perfected your assignment. This helps you the student to understand the errors, and also the efforts that we have put into perfecting your assignment.

Stop browsing ‘Assignment editing service Bachelors, Masters, PhD’ already!

Assignments are important to be submitted anyhow in the perfect form that the teachers and professors desire. This is because those teachers and professors tend to test the aptitude of students from the assignments that the students submit.

As a result, submitting error-ridden assignments only demonstrates that you the student are not fit to move further in your academic life. After working so hard and paying so much tuition fees, you do not deserve to be left behind in your academic career.

Our services are highly affordable and convenient to use. You can start using our services right away by:

  • Contacting us through the Live Chat or Contact Inform
  • Filling the Query Form or Order Form


You do not need to go on Google and browse for ‘assignment editing service Bachelors, Masters, PhD’ anymore. Whether you need to get an assignment written from scratch or proofread and edited, you can rest assured that you will get the best of everything at EazyResearch. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop academic solution provider for students in the USA.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to bid goodbye to error-ridden assignments once and for all!


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