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We specialize in providing some of the best academic writing help a student can find on the internet. Our writers aim to lessen the burden from students’ shoulder at affordable rates while also giving some tips to follow and making them aware of commonly faced problems.

Relieving Students’ Stress

The main reason for providing academic writing help is to help out students and decrease the burden from their shoulders. Once you provide all the required details you can sit back, relax and have a comprehensive assignment delivered to you.

Providing Free Tips

For those students who only need a little nudge in the right direction, our writers have written a list of useful tips that they can use to improve their assignments and get the grades they want. We offer free as well as paid tips for the students.

Offering Affordable Rates

Following our aim to reduce the stress from a student’s shoulders, we try to keep our prices as low as possible without compromising the quality of our content. We try to keep our prices at a level that students can easily afford.

Resolving Common Problems

Our writers have listed some common problems students face when hiring a service such as ours while also listing some of the common mistakes they commit while doing their assignments. These lists help students out immensely.

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Academic Help

Don’t burden yourself with academic difficulties. We understand the extreme problems a student faces with their academia and proudly offering our academic help despite the level of education and degree. Get the help now!

Professional Writing Help

Eliminating your writing troubles with our most competent and extremely qualified team of experts. EazyResearch is more than pleased to professionally help you with your academic hassles whenever you want!

Academic Writing

Writing for to fulfil your academic needs! Worry no more because EazyResearch sure knows how to cater to your academic writing requirements and provide only the best to you. We are experts in creative writing since establishment.

Expert Editing

Get our panel of professionally trained editors for your academic papers. Fulfilling editing requirements throughout the world by providing excellent editing services to students at any level of education.

Academic Proofreading

Your naked eye might not detect errors like our highly trained proof-readers from different course fields. The qualified academic proof-readers to point out and fix your academic papers are an order away.

Authentic Research

Before making any statement EazyResearch believes in thorough research. Holding great researching tools and facilities we attend to write, edit and proofread your academic papers by expert research by professionals.


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Our service can be beneficial for students in lots of ways. We can write a complete assignment for a student or just sections of it. We can also perform plagiarism checks, proofread the assignment or edit it for errors.
Assignments can be very stressful for students as they are incredibly difficult yet equally important for a student’s education. Having the stress of assignments can be a cause for depression or other mental health problems.
Students should check if the company is reliable. Do they provide original content? Do they have adequately qualified writers? Do they maintain client confidentiality? These things should be checked.
We take customer confidentiality very seriously. We keep our customer’s information fully secure and private. We have a long track record of maintaining customer’s confidentiality and we stick to our policies.
We are one of the highest rated and most trusted websites proving academic help. We also charge very reasonable rates and have a clientele of extremely satisfied customers who can attest to the extremely high quality of service we provide.

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Education Made Easy With Academic Writing Help in USA

Education might be one of the most integral parts of a person’s life. Education has the power to change a life. It enables one to lead their life being dependent on anyone else. It is also important to differentiate between literacy and education. Literacy is the ability to read and write while education is finding the meaning behind things and using reading and writing skills to improve their lives.

Education covers an extremely wide range of levels, subjects, methods and so much more. Education at university level is some of the most difficult and intricate education there is. Students are taught a variety of things that will help them in their professional life. To test these teachings they are required to write assignments, essays, case studies, thesis, dissertations and much more.

EazyResearch is one of the most renowned brands that provide academic writing help. Established back in 2011, we have slowly climbed our way up the ranks through hard work and perseverance. Today we stand as one of the most recognized and distinguished brands.

EazyResearch started out as just a few writers who recognized a space in the market for such a service and banded together to help out the students in need so that they won’t make the same mistakes that our writers did when they were at the point where the students we cater to are. We provide some of the best academic writing help in USA and aim to help a student get through their university smoothly.

The Never-Ending Academic Stress & the General Need for Academic Writing Help

With the passage of time, education has gotten increasingly difficult. This is a natural and expected result which is caused by the increase in population. The increase in population means that there are more candidates applying for a job than there were before. Employers would naturally prefer the more qualified candidate for the job and if everyone has a university degree then why should the employer prefer one candidate over the other.

This, in turn, has made education, especially at university level, more difficult. The requirements and standards are higher in order to obtain a degree and students often look for academic writing help if the academic assignments prove to be too difficult for them altogether and have a negative impact on their CGPA.

What are the general academic papers that a student has to do?

University level education covers a vast range of topics and subjects in order to prepare a student for the practical world. The knowledge taught at university level cannot just simply be tested through an exam or a test. Students need to be tested throughout the year to keep track of their progress and this is done thorough various assignments and academic papers.

These assignments and academic papers can include a number of different types such as essays including all the different types of essays. Other papers include thesis, dissertations, case studies, research papers and more.

  • Essays:
    The most common assignment given to students. Students are already familiar with them as they have already been doing them since high school. Essays focus on one particular topic and the student is required to give his opinion supported by related facts and arguments.
  • Research Paper:
    A research paper is usually lengthier than a typical essay and contains more in depth research on a particular topic which the paper focuses on. Research papers usually contain a literature review section that provides details related to the researched topics. The paper may also include a critical review of the researched material to provide a deeper understanding of the topic and research paper content.
  • Thesis:
    A thesis is a more comprehensive academic paper that provides more details with regards to a particular topic contrary to the dissertation. A thesis is generally quite lengthy and has a higher word count and includes multiple sections such as literature review, research methodology, and analytical findings amongst others. Multiple types of research is allowed and encouraged to arrive at a solid conclusion. These are much more in depth and detailed as thesis are mostly required at Masters and Doctorate levels.
  • Dissertation:
    These are almost the same as thesis. They’re referred by different names in different regions but fundamentally they’re the same.

What mistakes ruin the potential for scoring well in academic papers?

Students, mostly, tend to be very eager to get their assignments over with as soon as they can. Either that or they tend to postpone doing them until it is too late. In both these cases, students are the ones to suffer as their essays and assignments tend to be of poor quality due to the lack of effort. Even more common is silly mistakes on an assignment. You can usually tell when an assignment is rushed as there are many, many mistakes on the assignment.

  • Spelling mistakes: Spell check and services like Grammarly are extremely easy to find and use. Students should take advantage of them to minimize the number of mistakes they make in their assignments. These are easily avoidable mistakes which, if present in an assignment, indicate that the student has made minimum efforts to make his assignment of a decent quality. Naturally, silly mistakes like incorrect spellings mean that you’re not inclined to get a very high grade for your assignment.
  • Formatting errors: Another big mistake that is easily avoidable. Just like spelling mistakes, formatting errors indicate the lack of interest of effort put into the assignment by the student. Picking the wrong format is itself a grave mistake but sticking to it and not correcting your mistake throughout the time you’re doing the assignment is even worse. It signifies how careless the student must have been to not recognize such a huge mistake.
  • Not answering the question: This is maybe the biggest mistake a student can make on their assignment and it can even make the whole assignment a waste of time. Students do not pay attention to what the question is asking and try to get started on their assignment right away.

Why Do Students Generally Need Professional Academic Help Services?

Each student is unique and their own weak spots or areas that they struggle in or skills that they lack. It is highly unlikely that all the students face the same problem. Some are unable to cope with the pressure; some lack the skills to write a decent assignment entirely. Each student has their own reasons why they choose to have their assignment done by someone else instead of doing it themselves.

The top situations when students look for some cheap academic help services!

As stated above, not all students look for help with their assignments due to the same reason but there are a few reasons that seem to be more common amongst students. Some of these include:

  • Not being able to cope with the stress and pressure:

For some students, the pressure proves to be too much for them to handle. The stress of studying in university, keeping their grades and CGPA maintained above average, having a social life, giving time to friends and family plus completing all their assignments is just too much. They simply cannot cope with the burden on their shoulders and often become depressed. One of the first things they neglect are their assignments, which in turn negatively affect their CGPA.

  • Not having the time to do the assignment:

Some students cannot find the time to do their assignments on their own. Either they procrastinate a bit too much or they’re just plain lazy and refuse to do them on time. In either case, the end result is that they end up with almost no time to do their assignments on their own and certainly with less time than needed to write a decent assignment.

  • Lacking the research skills to acquire the appropriate knowledge

In order to write a decent, concise assignment, students need to have exceptional research skills. These skills enable students to find the appropriate material needed to make their assignment acceptable. More often than not, students, especially those who are in their first year of university, are not familiar with the kind of research that goes into assignments.

These are just a few of the reasons why students turn to services which offer to do their assignment for them. Being university student, most of them are working to pay their tuition fees so they cannot afford a lot of expenses which is why they look for the more cheap academic help services.

Our Professional Writers

On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are.

How can students avoid the potential risks associated with hiring online academic help services?

If a student does decide to go down this route and have their assignment done by a company that provides online academic help services then there are some pointers they should keep in mind to ensure that the company they’re hiring to do their assignment is trusted.

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are they trusted to write reliable content?
  • Is the content they provide original and plagiarism free?
  • Can they be trusted to deliver the assignment on the agreed date?
  • Are their writers in touch and aware of the current course requirements?
  • How qualified are the writers in general?
  • Do they offer free revisions if the customer is not satisfied with the product?
  • How important is client confidentiality to the company?

These are some of the basic questions that should be on a student’s mind when looking for a company that provides online academic help services. The student should take their time and look into the company and its background if they plan on getting their assignment done by them.

They should be aware how long the company has been operating for and what kind of reputation they have in the industry. They should look into the reviews and the quality of the content they write. The content must be original and particular to the customer’s needs. They should be known for sticking to their schedule and delivering the assignment on or before the date agreed upon.

Other things should also be considered such as the qualifications of the writers and how dedicated they are to provide quality content for the customers. It is imperative that the company has an immaculate record of keeping client information completely confidential as students fear that if they order an assignment online then their friends or university might find out.

One of The Best Academic Help Services US Based Is Here At Your Disposal!

Since 2011 EazyResearch has been providing academic solutions to students who need them. We’ve worked long and hard to reach the status that we’re at today. We started out as small team of writers who were dedicated to providing the best academic solutions a student could look for. Today, we’re regarded as one of the companies that provide the best academic help services US students can get.

Our writers are the key to our success. From the very beginning we have only hired the best, most qualified and experienced writers available so that our standard always remained high. Our writers are graduates from some of the best universities in the world and have years of experience writing all kinds of assignments. We have dedicated writers that cover specific subjects and these writers are experts in their respective fields. We have numerous writers that cater to almost all subjects.

Our expert writers want you to follow these tips to produce the best kind of academic papers!

If a student is not comfortable with having someone else write their essay then our professional, experienced writers have a guide that students can follow to drastically improve the quality of their essays. Most students, especially if they lack in some particular area when writing an essay, will find this guide extremely helpful.

  • Understand what you’ve been asked: In order to write a comprehensive and concise argument the student needs to be crystal clear on what they’ve been asked. If the question is more open ended then it is helpful to narrow it down to one particular argument and focus on that. Students should note that their argument needs to be supported by facts and logic.
  • Get a head start on writing your paper: Academic papers are very lengthy and complex documents that require a lot of time and attention when they’re being crafted. A lot of students have a habit of procrastinating and delaying their work until the last possible moment. This usually results in students scrambling around like a headless chicken at the last second. It is important to get an early start so student can put in the required time and attention, have time for research and be done a day or two before the deadline so that they can proofread and edit the document and correct any mistakes that may have been made.
  • In depth research of the chosen topic: It is integral for students to take their time and extensively research their chosen topic in as many ways that they can. Using the resources of the internet, newspapers, books, magazines and journals, articles and any other related but reliable source of information. Doing an assignment does not mean only writing. The research is just as much of an integral part as the writing, if not more.
  • Avoid plagiarism: The one thing that can destroy your essay and your reputation is plagiarism. Students frequently try to source their essays from pre-written materials thinking that no one will be the wiser. This is not the case. It is fairly easy to spot a plagiarized essay against an original. Students should not risk their assignment, reputation and degree just to not make the effort to write an assignment.
  • Ensure the format and structure is according to the requirements: Students should make sure that the format they’re following is correct for the particular assignment they’re doing. Different kinds of academic papers require different format. So much so that even different kinds of essays have different structures to be followed.

These might seem like really obvious mistakes but you would be surprised to know how many students commit them. These are easily avoidable if students just take out a little time and pay a little attention. Isn’t it better to get something done so that you don’t have to worry about it later rather than leaving it for the last possible minute and freaking out when there’s no time left?

Still finding academic papers difficult? Hire us for your relief!

Not all students are the same. Some excel academically while others excel practically or athletically depending on their interests. Even students who excel academically are not guaranteed to be good at doing their assignments. There are many instances of high-achieving students who struggle with their assignments. If you’re one of the latter then head over to the order page to avail our services which include:

  • All kinds of assignment writing including essays, thesis, dissertations and more.
  • Proofreading and editing services.
  • Topic selection and customized topic creation.
EazyResearch Others
Affordable prices Probably High prices
Free, unlimited revisions Limited and costly revisions
Loyalty Discounts and packages Fixed rates even for regular customers
Free & unlimited consultancy Limited consultations or no consultancy
No hidden charges Hidden charges for services

We are available for you so contact us now without further ado!

Head over to our order page or message one of our customer care representatives who are available round the clock for your ease. Get your queries answered and your myths busted and proceed with the order you want to place. Our consultants are always available to help you out and guide you along the way.

You can easily place the order by yourself, even if it’s your first time on the website. The process almost guides itself. When you click on the order tab you’re presented with a form that you have to fill. It includes your personal details as well as the order details and requirements, the payment options and method as well as the delivery dates.


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