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Are you a student of University of California Santa Barbara? Do you know your current GPA? Is it enough to keep you in college? All the answers are in our GPA calculator of EazyResearch which can solve the queries of students who cannot manage their GPA update and requires a 24/7 available GPA calculator.

Our GPA calculator is free of cost and errors. The aim is to provide relief to the students who are struggling for an inexpensive and easy to use GPA calculator.

What is the process of GPA Calculation through Our GPA Calculator?

This question of ‘how to calculate GPA’ will be eliminated once you go through the steps we have discussed and explained in following five points.

Each point will explain the usage of every tab. each tab is required with different information. Some tabs are optional while others are very important to be filled with correct data.

The following steps include:

  • 1. Selection of the correct grading format
  • 2. Writing the current GPA
  • 3. Writing the name of the semester
  • 4. Entering course details
  • 5. Adding more semesters

Correct Grade Format

In the first step for GPA calculation, you need to select the grade format. The format will be selected according to your institute’s scoring/grading criteria.


Current GPA (Optional)

You are not necessarily required to enter your current GPA.


Semester Name (Optional)

semister show

The semester name is optional to add.

Your calculated GPA will be shown along with the semester name you choose to enter in the calculated tab.

If you chose not to enter your semester name, the calculated GPA for that semester will be shown with ‘semester 1’ title.

Course Details

course show

The details of the courses are very important for GPA calculation. You need to add all the details required.

The course name, scored grade, credits, course type. These are the four horizontal parts of course details that need to be filled with proper authentic information for accurate GPA.

Add More Semester or Courses

new semister show

The number of semesters can always increase according to your need.

‘Your GPA’ tab will keep adding the GPA’s of the semesters you chose.


FAQs GPA Calculator

The average GPA of UCSB is 4.0 which means you need to be the top students of your class. It requires straight A’s to maintain a GPA of this standard. UCSB is very competitive for grade point average.
Yes, SAT score is important for UCSB. They have criteria set for the average SAT score requirement.
Each letter grade presents different GPA. The A+ grade indicates 4.0GPA and A- shows 3.7GPA.
The national standard of GPA is 3.0GPA. Getting above the national average increases the chances of getting admission in good well-known colleges.
3.2 GPA gives the letter grade of B category. The percentage will be around 83-86%.
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