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Harvard Referencing Generator

When writing a university level assignment the student is bound to use material from other pre-existing studies and sources. The use of other articles is necessary as they have already been published and can be used as a standard for the student to compare their own findings to. The already published information can be used to support or contrast the student’s findings, depending on what the student’s findings are and which sources they use.

However, these articles and information cannot just be used in an assignment without providing the proper format. The student must provide relevant information, which can vary depending on the type of source, such as the author’s name, article title, page number, year of publication and such. This is known as citing and referencing.

Unfortunately, a lot of students are unaware of the proper way to cite and format the references they use in their assignments. This is why, in order to help the students, EazyResearch has come up with the Harvard referencing generator. This generator is particular to the Harvard style referencing.

How will the Harvard Reference Generator help students?

This generator will be extremely useful and beneficial for students who are struggle with citing and referencing their sources and are unable to properly format their references. Regardless of whether the student is referencing a website, book, journal or any other sources, the Harvard citation generator will do their work for them within seconds.

All the student has to do is to paste the link of the source and boom! The generator will cite and reference the appropriate sources in the proper format. Our guide below will provide you with an introduction to Harvard Referencing so that you can have an understanding of what it is and how it works.

An introduction to the Harvard Style Referencing:

The Harvard style of referencing and citation is commonly used in humanities and social sciences. If a student is writing about a topic which falls under the umbrella of these subjects then the Harvard referencing is the format which is to be followed.

Whenever a student information from an outside source, it is mandatory to mention the name of the author of that source in the text where the source is used and provide the complete details in the reference list which comes at the end of the assignment. There are two main areas where Harvard referencing is to be used, which are:

  • In-text Citations: Name of author mentioned after each sentence.
  • Citations in the Referencing Section: Citations done in the last section which is the References section.

In-Text Citation in Harvard Referencing:

It is important to note that while Harvard Referencing is similar to the APA format, there are some minor details which must be carefully considered as the two referencing are similar but not the same. The below provided examples are a guide as to what the appropriate Harvard format looks like.

In-Text Citation for Single Author:

When referencing a single author, the surname of the author and publishing date are provided, separated by a single comma.

Format Example
(Hamilton, 2019)More applied advertising methods for new products lead to increased sales. (Hamilton, 2019)
(Hamilton, 2019) states that(Hamilton, 2019) states that more applied advertising methods for new products lead to increased sales

In-Text Citation for Two or Three Authors:

When referencing a source which has two or three authors, the names of the authors are separated by “and” and the year of publication is also provided. It is important to note that “&” is not acceptable to use in this format.

Format Example
Hamiltion and Gasly (2016) state thatMore applied advertising methods for new products lead to increased sales. (Hamilton, 2019)
(Hamilton and Gasly, 2019)More applied advertising methods for new products lead to increase in sales. (Hamilton and Gasly, 2019)

In-Text Citation for Four or More Authors:

When referencing a source with four or more authors, the name of the first author is provided followed by “et all” and the year of publication.

Format Example
Hamilton et al (2016) states that….Hamilton et al (2019) states that more applied advertising methods for new products lead to increased sales.
(Hamilton et al, 2019)More applied advertising methods for new products lead to increased sales. (Hamilton et al, 2019)

No Author:

In case the name of the author is not available or if the author has chosen to remain anonymous then the first four to five words of the title are used followed by the year of publication.

Source Format Example
Book, report or brochureTitle should be in italic form.(A Guide to marketing principles , 2016)
Article, Chapter, webpageTitle should be placed in quotation mark(“”) (“A Guide To Marketing Principles”, 2016)

End-Text Citations in the Referencing Section:

The end-text citation is different from the in-text citation which is used in the assignment. This is a complied list of every source which is used within the assignment. The end-text citations are unique for each type of source which is used.

End-Text Citation for Research Papers:

In order to cite a research paper the requirements are:

  • Author’s name(s)
  • Year of publishing
  • Title of the article (in italics)
  • Name of the journal

Format Example
Author 1, Author 2. Year of publication. Title of the article. Name of the journalWilliam, D & Anthony, S 2018, 'Using sport education in a university physical activity course', JOPERD: The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, vol. 89, no. 2, pp. 56-61.

End-Text Citation for Books
End-Text Citation for Books:

In order to cite a book the requirements are:

  • Author's surname and initial(s)
  • Year of publication
  • Title of publication (in italics)
  • Edition (if applicable)
  • Publisher
  • Place of publication.

Format Author surname (s), initial (s). (Year Published) Title. Edition. Place of Publication: Publisher.
Example Walker, P 1997, The Rocks: life in early Sydney, Melbourne University Press, Carlton.

Citing a Website in Harvard Style
Citing a Website in Harvard Style:

In order to cite a webite the requirements are:

  • Author (s) Surname
  • Initials of the Author (s)
  • Year of Publishing
  • Title of the Site or Page
  • URL
  • Date accessed

Format Author surname (s), initial (s). (Year of publishing) Title of page/site [Online]. Available at: URL (Accessed: Day Month Year)
Example Hampton, A. (2015) Adverse Effects of Micromanagement [Online]. Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abusive_power_and_control (Accessed: 12th November 2019)

Harvard referencing queries

Did the guide help you with your Harvard referencing queries?

Hopefully the above guide helped you get some answers about your queries related to the Harvard referencing and citation format and styles. If you’re still not if you can properly cite your sources and reference them according to the Harvard format then the service of our Harvard reference generator is available for you to make your life easier.

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