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Free Supply Chain Management Dissertation Topics for You

Supply chain management is gaining popularity due to its emerging global benefits. This might be one of the reasons you chose it for you career. However, you may have to write a thesis on supply chain management topics to get your degree. Following are a few most trending, original topics, you can consider for your dissertation:

Supply Chain Network Design Dissertation Topics

Systems that deal with successful transportation of data is network designing. It is an important part of supply chain management and involves minimizing expenses through efficient data communication. You can choose one of the following titles for your thesis if you are looking for trending thesis topics.

  • How can robust supply chain network design can contribute towards value creation?
  • Role of supply chain management in decreasing the carbon footprints and increasing environmental sustainability.
  • Risks and uncertainties in supply chain management and how does an innovative network design combats it?
  • Effect of closed loop supply chain on agile and lean production strategy.
  • How can effective network design reduce uncertainties in logistics?

Demand Pull Supply Chain Strategy Dissertation Topics

Demand pull is a new strategy recently introduced in supply chain management. Choosing one of the following topics from demand pull supply chain can be a smart move for successfully completing your thesis.

  • Study of the factors and principles of supply chain design and its effect on demand chain management.
  • Data collection bar codes to design a supply chain workflow system.
  • Knowledge management and its contribution for integrating value chain management.
  • Analyzing dynamic modeling systems and its effect on demand chain management system.
  • How can resource based view contributes to demand pull strategy?

Supply Chain Integration Dissertation Topics

The integration of supply chain management for efficient connectivity is a vital part of the industry. If you are thinking to write your dissertation related to integration of supply chain management, you can check free topics for yourself.

  • Multi-echelon process and its effect in eliminating wastes in supply chain management.
  • How can six sigma philosophies be integrated for supply chain management through process integration?
  • What are barriers and enablers in supply chain management?
  • The impact information integration in the successful tracing of carbon footprint tracing.
  • How can task integration strategy leads to effective risk management in supply chain management?

Global Supply Chain Dissertation Topics

Looking for original global supply chain management topics? Check our following unique titles for your work:

  • How to reduce transportation cost and its effect on the firm’s profit.
  • The use of PESTEL analysis for designing efficient global supply chain system.
  • How can SMART goals for global logistics contribute to effective supply chain management?
  • Measuring reliability factor for maintaining standards for government of suppliers.
  • The study of reverse supply chain management of scrap globally for remanufacturing.

E-supply Chain Dissertation Topics

E-supply chain management is a growing trend since the advent of website media. Thus choosing one of the following dissertation topics can be good for your thesis like:

  • How can e-supply chain management contribute towards effective supply chain management of fast moving goods?
  • How can bar codes database be integrated through cloud based e-supply?
  • Study of the patterns of carbon trading exchange among partners in e-supply networking.
  • How can advance planning and control strategies be advanced in e-supply chain management?
  • How can latest HTML technologies contribute to global supply chain integration?

IT Supply Chain Dissertation Topics

These thesis topics are especially beneficial for the networking engineers who are pursuing their career in supply chain management.

  • The study of the integration issues in the information technology and supply chain management.
  • Predictive and big data analytics and their effect on achieving effective supply chain management.
  • Study of the impact of Information Technology tools and applications for third party logistics system.
  • How can mobile cloud computing contribute to global access for logistics engineering?
  • Using container management system application storage and retrieval of containers in large warehousing.

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Supply Chain Dissertation Topics
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