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80 Free Law Dissertation Topics to choose from in 2020

The upcoming year is filled with opportunities and chances but the rules and laws change rarely because it impacts the whole world. The students on the other hand are still struggling for law dissertation topics for write-ups and seeking dissertation help from professionals. Moreover we should keep in mind that the rules and regulations of our doings should be in the circle of law suit.

When it comes to digging out the best law dissertation topics to write about, we need to idolize the rules within our state regarding all the aspects. Without the implementation of law and its execution there will be no way to solve the societal issues whether its personal or public related. The basics of law maybe similar in many countries but varies due to the cultural differences and religion, history variations. The most important bar of law is to cater humanity and resolve issues and showcase the rights a person holds. In US there comes a time when a student requires the variety of law dissertation topics to do a write-up or research.

Following are 100 law dissertation topics to help you out and save your time in searching for the topics.

On Employment Law

  • The process and terms of parental leaves
  • The sexual harassment of males & females at workplace needs to be revised
  • Are Maternal leaves being misused?
  • The equal rights in employment: similarities in UK & USA
  • The role of Trade unions in employment legislation system
  • Gender discrimination in employment
  • The rate of female rape cases are due to workplace sexual harassment tolerance
  • The actions by law against upper management of companies involved in harassment of both genders by US

On Commercial Law

  • US Regulations to stop corruption
  • The role of corporate veil in US
  • Were there any amendments in Companies’ Act? How & why?
  • Corrupt managers should be implied with punishment by law
  • How Commercial partnerships can be dangerous?
  • Pre-incorporation contracts
  • The US commercial laws

On Criminal Law

  • The rape case differentiation between a male and female.
  • The difference between the real cases vs. revenge allegations in rape. What does the US law abides?
  • What are the regulations about manslaughter and how can they be misused?
  • Is lie detector beneficial in any way?
  • Are there any factors of crime which shouldn’t be revealed in jury?
  • The history of death penalty and its incidents

On Family Law

  • Actions regarding Child abuse in US
  • Laws against Child abuse and the amendments to be made
  • The parent split that affect children: what should be the proper role of court?
  • What conditions are applied when couples form divorce?
  • Should there a minimum age for marriage in US? How can age limit help in shaping the society?
  • Equality in rules regarding domestic violence for both males and females
  • Rare and ambiguous forms of child abuse
  • How can law representatives interfere in family’s life?

On International Law

  • Invasions on other countries by UK & US military
  • Should a country intervene into other country’s legal or illegal affairs?
  • Similarities in Internationally wrongful acts
  • Specific regulations that should be on international terms?
  • The regulations US should consider applying regarding international affairs
  • What are the differences of US national & international terms?
  • The international criminal code requires corrections and revised application method
  • Uncertainty between countries in human rights

On Taxation Law:

  • History of US taxation
  • How Self-employment is concerned with taxation? The ways and procedure
  • Taxes on Freelancers
  • US tax evasions regarding genius offenses that were revealed
  • US tax application on e-commerce
  • Complying with international taxes International
  • A correlation between UK and US tax assessment framework from lawful perspective
  • International action on tax evasion
  • Is there a possibility of accidental taxation fraud?
  • Taxation can be cancelled in specific cases? How?

On Medical Law

  • At what stage should abortion be forbidden?
  • Does male partners have the right to sue their female partners in case of an abortion?
  • Addition in law is required regarding forced female pregnancy
  • Organ transplantation according to the law
  • The active laws for the process of legal and illegal sterilization
  • The surgery treatment: who should be responsible for medical complications and why?
  • Should there a different health jury for medical cases?

On Immigration Law

  • What is meant by Nationality legislation?
  • The entrance legislation by US for immigrants
  • Can immigrants be assigned a status of refugees?
  • Immigrants to receive life-time prison in case of a crime.
  • What is the role of US immigration & emigration
  • The rights and limitations of Immigrants’ children conceived or born in US

On European Union

  • What is EU tolerance legislation for US: Brexit conditions?
  • What are the circumstances on rules enforcement on US by EU?
  • US workers faces work regulations imposed by EU
  • What is the procedure of voting for EU issues?
  • EU & US: legal relations
  • Are US & EU similar in laws?
  • Role of EU in market stability?
  • The role of EU in upholding the human rights properly
  • The citizen rights of EU to travel legally.
  • What is the Students mobility between EU countries?

On Companies Act

  • Companies’ Act affecting outsiders. How & Why?
  • What are the Legal duties of companies’ directors and how has it changed till now?
  • What is the Limited Liability Partnership Model?
  • Can corporate liability regulations be evoked? What could be the cases?
  • What are the actions against Companies breaking environmental laws? How can it be imposed on giant industrialists?
  • The importance of environmental laws and the limitation to control it.
  • Can there be more regulations for the companies to act on environmental law properly?
  • What are the Financial & non-financial drivers of corporate governance
  • What was the role of Corporate governance in 2008 crisis
  • Is there a corporate social responsibility that firms have to follow? What are the conditions?


All these topics consist of deep logics and should be shaped with facts and figures. The law is very fragile to discuss about but is informational and awareness about all these details is needed to be highlighted to the world. People lack the facts and their rights regarding their life or many issues they face but are unaware of its settlement and suffer.

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Law Dissertation Topics
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