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Finance Dissertation Topics

Degrees in Finance has substantial career benefits. You can join an auditing firm, a taxation service, bank or any other agency as an executive accountant.

No matter what program you choose for financing career, you will have to submit a dissertation to successfully obtain your degree. The most difficult part while making a dissertation is, to choose a topic that is original. EazyResearch brings a variety of topics not for just one but multiple subfields like:

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

Microfinance refers to small loans and finances to the local or emerging business. It involves providing small loans to the creditors, insurance at micro levels and their payment systems. You can consider following titles for your microfinance dissertation.

  • The study of the trends of growing microfinance industries in USA.
  • The effect of microfinance on the economic state of USA.
  • How microfinance can alleviate poverty and lead to economic growth?
  • The equal rights in employment: similarities in UK & USA
  • Study of the determinants that lead to the success of microfinance institutions in USA.
  • A comparative analysis of the financial innovation in USA and UK.

Banking Dissertation Topics

Banking is an extensive field in Finance. If you are considering your thesis to be related to banking, you can choose one of the following free topics like:

  • The study of the ethical issues in banking industry.
  • The impact of internet banking on the customer’s ease of banking.
  • The use of internet banking among Generation Y and millenials: A comparative analysis.
  • The study of money laundering and ways to control it.
  • The risks and security of the electronic banking transactions.

Emerging Markets In Finance Dissertation Topics

Emerging markets refer to those economies that are striving to become developed and there is a direct involvement of finances in it. While the number of researches contribute to this field, you can consider following trending topics for your thesis.

  • What are the challenges that a financial institution face in emerging economy?
  • What are the factors that can promote foreign direct investments in Asian economy? The critical analysis of the case of India.
  • Study of the current restructuring programs and its effect on the banking sector of a country’s economy.

Financial Management Dissertation Topics

Financial management focuses on the variables like equity, debts and ratios. It is a vast field required for planning of finances and everyday business matters. If you are searching for relevant financial management thesis topics, select one from the following:

  • The impact of the determinants of dividend policy on the financial performance of a business.
  • The study of financial ratios and their impacts on the financial performance of a business.
  • How does foreign exchange risk management can be minimized within financial institutions in USA?
  • Study of the different methods of present value of financial investments and their efficacy in financial planning of the project.
  • The study of the fiscal stability in the banking systems in non-developed countries.

Corporate Social Responsibility Dissertation Topics

The ways in which a private business makes itself accountable to its stakeholders and society. Some companies are reducing carbon emissions to make the environment less polluted. Following are the main thesis topics you can consider while conducting your research for corporate social responsibilities.

  • Recent development in corporate social responsibility in banking industries over past decade in USA.
  • The study of the ethical side of the banking profits: A critical analysis.
  • Analysis of the different retirement plans and its impact on the local bank promotions.
  • Partnership of NGO and corporate for launching successful CSR programs.
  • Role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Human Development.

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Finance Dissertation Topics
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