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Outstanding Economics Dissertation Topics To Secure Top Grades

Are you an economics student and looking for original dissertation topics to present at your school? Look no further, because we have wide variety of new and trending titles for your thesis from multiple sub fields of economics. The topics are absolutely free of cost and subscription.

Microeconomics Dissertation Topics

If you are studying microeconomics, you would have an idea that it deals at smaller scale. You will have to study the impact of economics on the individual’s or a firm’s decision. Here are few of the topics you can consider for your microeconomics dissertation:

  • The impact of the US regional policies on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in America.
  • Innovation in the oligopolistic markets in USA.
  • How does microeconomic approach effects the energy market in USA?
  • Impact of the competition policies on the industries on the opportunities in USA.
  • Study of the influence of firm size on the firm’s revenues and profits.
  • Relationship of game theory and decision theory in microeconomics.
  • Can business merging leads to increased productivity in USA market.
  • Study of the trends of household finances and its impact on international economics.
  • Comparative analysis of the firm’s innovation trends in USA and UK.
  • Opportunities of employment in the monopolistic market of USA.

Macroeconomics Dissertation Topics

Macroeconomics deals with the understanding of how aggregate economy affects financial markets. If you are planning to conduct a thesis on microeconomics, then you can write on phenomena likes GDP, NDP, National savings, unemployment and inflation. Following are a few titles you can use for your macroeconomics dissertation:

  • Does increasing interest rates effect economic convergence in USA?
  • What are the factors contributing towards the elimination of inequalities in USA?
  • Study of the impact of Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) on the growth and productivity of the agriculture sectors.
  • Effect of the inflation on the economic growth of the pharmaceutical industries in USA.
  • Study of the development of USA monetary policies overtime in USA.
  • Evaluating the factors that contribute to the Global Economic Recession.
  • Effects of the interest rates on the consumption rates in USA.
  • How is dollar evolution impacting in USA spending?
  • Study of the evolution of exchange rates in USA market.

Employment Economics dissertation topics

Since employment is one of the important key factors affecting how the economy works, conducting an extensive research on its concepts can be quite rewarding for you. Below we have some employment economic dissertation topics for your help:

  • How can self-employment be promoted in USA.
  • The impact of digitization and technological innovation on rate of unemployment.
  • Factors responsible for creating and destructing jobs in USA Market.
  • Relationship of professional training and reduction in employment rate.
  • The demand for skilled and non-skilled labor in US employment market.
  • Factors contributing to the unemployment and how to combat them?
  • Comparative analysis of the UK and USA employment rates and policies.
  • How flexible employment leads to a stable financial economy?
  • The impact of workforce diversity on the productivity of firms.
  • How does gender inequality effects economic growth of firms?

Regional Development Dissertation Topics

Regional economics is focused on the circumstances of the regional firms as a whole and their outcomes regarding productivity, revenues and growth. In regional economics, you have to study about the how they work internally and interact with each other. For your thesis, consider the following topics:

  • How regional development does affects profitability of the business firms in US market?
  • Significance of innovation knowledge and practices in the field of regional development.
  • How does entrepreneurship contributes towards regional development?
  • What is the relationship of internet speed and regional development?
  • Study the relationship of public investment and regional output. Critical analysis of USA regions.
  • Evaluating the trend of endogenous growth differences among the market firms in USA.
  • How can mega sporting event contribute to regional economic development?
  • Study of the convergence growth differences among different market firms in USA.
  • How does location theories contribute to the successful regional development?
  • Is there any relationship of robust regional institution and regional development? A case of (regional industry).

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