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Top Business Management Dissertation Topics For You

In business, management refers to the coordination of the activities in a way that would help you achieve the organizational goals. Whether it’s a large firm, new business startup or a nonprofit organization, management is a vital aspect to achieve success.

Whether you are studying entrepreneurship or business administration, you will need to have a strong grip on the concepts of management. Given below are some of its important subfields and general topics you can consider for your management dissertation:

Project Management Dissertation Topics:

Project management refers to the way a project is managed to reach to its completion. If you are planning to write your dissertation in project management, you can consider the following topics:

  • To evaluate the effect of cultures and values of project managers on the resolution of conflicts in the organization.
  • Enunciate the efficiency of project management software for the successful business operations.
  • To analyze the causes for project delays and what are the various ways to cope with it?
  • How can effective communication helps in the timely deliverance of the project activities.
  • How can psychosocial stress influence the effective performance of the project management?
  • Study the impact of soft skills in the effective success of project management.
  • How can different types of conflicts be managed by the study of conflict dynamic model?

Marketing Management Dissertation Topics:

Marketing management is the planning and implementation of strategies for the successful marketing. The most important concept in marketing management is understanding consumer’s behavior. If you are planning to pursue your career in marketing management, then the following marketing management dissertation topics might be effective for you:

  • The case study of Amazon: to evaluate the relationship between ecommerce market and brand loyalty.
  • To study the role of relationship marketing in the effective acquisition and retention of customers.
  • To study the advertising on phone call as a successful marketing strategy.
  • Comparative analysis of the traditional word of mouth to the social networking.
  • How can online marketing influence the purchasing behavior of consumers?
  • How does brand attachment influence purchasing decisions among customers?
  • Study the affectivity of Porter’s Five Forces Model in making successful competitive strategies.

Financial Management Dissertation Topics:

Financial management involves the planning and organizing the utilization of resources for the success of the organization. Here are few topics you can choose for your financial management dissertation.

  • How does inflation influence the recordings of historical cost in the balance sheet?
  • Which one is better for better financial records of organization? Cash or accrual basis of accounting?
  • Importance of Financial risk management in the maritime industry.
  • How can corporate strategy link to the capital structure?
  • How can dematerialization accounts help in financial management of different organizations?
  • Evaluating financial risks and returns through different methods and compare their efficiency.
  • The contribution of research and innovation in the successful financial management of the businesses.

Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics:

Human resource management is the study of the how people in the organization can be managed effectively to achieve the organizational goals. If you are looking for some innovative topics for HRM dissertation, consider the following:

  • The study of the different factors effecting the outsourcing of human resource.
  • How can employee training programs increase the organization profit?
  • Impact of financial and non-financial benefits in employee motivation. Which of them has a direct impact on increasing motivation among employees?
  • The study of human resource management policies in the effective management of the organizational goals.
  • Evaluation of the performance management for increasing employee’s productivity.
  • Enunciate the benefits of Management by Objectives (MBO) over traditional methods of performance appraisal.
  • Study of the costs incurred for employees recruitment due to increased employee turnover rates.

Operations Management Dissertation Topics:

It involves the controlling and managing the business operations. If you are studying operations management, you can consider the following topics for your thesis:

  • Study the influence of resource planning in improving business operations in a multinational company.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of Artificial Intelligence to manage inventory operations in the business firms.
  • How can effective operations contribute to successful risk management?
  • How can Information Technology influence efficient manufacturing?
  • Evaluating the efficiency of Total Quality Management (TQM) in achieving competitive advantage.
  • Ways to reduce transportation costs in the operations management.
  • Dynamic pricing in the effective management of operations.

Supply Chain Management Dissertation Topics:

The process of management of goods from raw materials to the making of final product comes under the study of supply chain management. If you are studying supply chain management, you can find these topics helpful:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of large and diverse business logistic companies?
  • Evaluate the factors effecting reverse supply chain management and how they can be managed?
  • How effective logistics processes can reduce supply chain management risks? An analysis of the risk management techniques.
  • What are the threats and opportunities for the bringing innovation in supply chain management?
  • How can technological advancements lead to the effective management of logistics system?
  • Study the evolution of supply chain management and logistics and its globalization over last decade.
  • To study the impact of efficient logistic management on the financial performance of the organization.

Strategic Management Dissertation Topics:

Strategic management involves planning, analyzing and managing the organization in a way to achieve its goals in the long run. Here we have some amazing topics related to strategic management for your dissertation:

  • Evaluation of the strategic management processes in the successful management of startup businesses.
  • How can human bias affect the strategic management in the organizations?
  • How is strategic management affected by the advent of social media?
  • Impact of technological evolution on the values and practices of strategic management.
  • Evaluate the ratios of male and females to attain the top management position in the organization.
  • The role of decentralization in the success of strategic management.
  • How is firm identity linked with the successful strategic management?

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Business Management Dissertation Topics
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