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Suit Yourself with the Best Accounting Dissertation Topics in USA

Accounting is the study of the numbers yet you have to write a lengthy dissertation for getting your Masters or PhD degree. Since most of the students don’t have any idea what topics they should opt for their accounting thesis, we present you the most original topics for you.

Cost Accounting:

Cost accounting involves the concepts of recording and reporting the company’s costs and how to reduce them. Below are some of the titles for measuring cost accounting.

  • Effect of efficient cost accounting in producing efficiencies in emerging USA economics.
  • How can cost of goods produced impact on pricing strategy in decision making of the business.
  • Challenges and limitation of implementing cost accounting in the healthcare section.

Financial Accounting:

Financial Accounting deals with the tracking company’s financial transactions. It also involves preparing financial statement including balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements. Check out our free financial accounting topics for your thesis mentioned below:

  • How can financial accounting tools contribute to the successful monitoring of liquidity levels?
  • The determinants of the valuation of mergers and acquisition of business firms.
  • An evaluation of the assets and liability management in the banking sector of USA market.

Managerial Accounting:

Managerial accounting helps to assess that the financial management is in accordance to the organizational goals. You can check out following topics if you want to conduct your research in managerial accounting.

  • Comparative analysis of the financial and managerial accounting in the financial performance of textile industry.
  • The study of the different capital budgeting methods and find which of them is most effective.
  • Exploration of the complementary and competing nature of Activity Based Costing for the successful management of financial performance.

Tax Accounting:

Tax accounting refers to the accounting methods to make a business appear in the public financial statements. If you are planning to write a thesis on the tax accounting, you can see our following topics.

  • The study of the rational for the exemption of tax for nonprofit organization.
  • The impact of tax policies on the small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Comparison of the health insurance tax policies between developed and developing countries.

External Auditing:

  • Difference between the auditing results of internal and external auditors.
  • A case study of the USA Market: Study of the challenges experienced by external auditors for fair value management.
  • Comparison of the effectiveness of risk based auditing and traditional auditing.

Accounting Information System:

The information system has invaded its roots in every business field including accounting. Here are a few topics given below that you can consider for your accounting thesis.

  • Study of the limiting factors of accounting for ecommerce businesses.
  • What are the taxation issues in the electronic accounting?
  • A systematic review of the factors impacting financial disclosure of the electronic business.

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Accounting Dissertation Topics
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