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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform site visitors and clients about how EazyResearch makes use of their private information. You are advised to go through this Privacy Policy before you choose to hire the services of EazyResearch hereinafter referred to as the ‘site’ in the Privacy Policy.

Amendment of Privacy Policy

The Policy may be subject to amendment from time to time based on the sole discretion of EazyResearch. Therefore, it is recommended that you as a site visitor or client go through the Privacy Policy from time to time to remain notified of any changes that may occur in the policy, as EazyResearch is not liable to inform site visitors and clients regarding any changes in the Privacy Policy.

What Information Do We Collect?

EazyResearch collects some of your private information for its personal usage and other reasons further detailed in the Privacy Policy. The personal information that is collected includes the following kind of details:

  1. Your name (real name or alias)
  2. Contact details such as the email address and phone number
  3. Internet Protocol (IP) address of your browser and system (laptop, computer)
  4. Browser type and version
  5. Time zone setting
  6. Types of the browser plug-ins
  7. Version of your laptop or computer’s operating system
  8. Data collected while you browse on our site such as the time duration you spend on any of the site pages, download errors, page response times etc.

In cases where the client does not feel comfortable disclosing or sharing their real name, they can opt to use an alias instead, and coordinate regarding their order through that alias only.

How Do We Collect Your Information?

You have read through the information that we collect of site visitors and clients. Here we have listed down the ways through which we collect your information.
Your information is collected when you:

  • Browse through any of the pages of our site
  • Use the site
  • Subscribe to our services
  • Place an order
  • Fill in the order form
  • Provide your information to a customer support executive

Why Do We Collect Your Information?

Your information is collected through various methods as discussed above. Many site visitors and clients are often curious as to why their information is collected by the sites.
As such, we have listed down the reasons as to why we store and make use of your private information:

  • To contact you regarding the placement of order
  • To establish contact with you regarding your order
  • To send you any kind of promotional offers or newsletters
  • To keep our website running and functional
  • To deliver you quality services and customer support
  • To provide you with an enhanced user experience

It is very important for EazyResearch to have the accurate information of site visitors and clients especially if they are opting to hire or buy the services of EazyResearch. Order placement requires the communication of the specifications of the order such as academic paper type, word limit etc.

If the information shared is incorrect, or information is not properly shared then there will be issues with the execution of the order and the order delivery as well. As such, any changes to be made within the order are also to be communicated from the client’s side.
The storage of information such as IP address and cookies is important to keep on providing site visitors with an enhanced user experience. For more information about Cookies and their usage, you can refer to our Cookie Policy Page.

Usage of Cookies

Refer to the Cookie Policy Page

How Is Your Information Secured?

EazyResearch does not compromise on the confidentiality of its clients which is why site visitors and clients can rest assured that their private information is kept secured with end-to-end encryption and not shared with any third party organization. EazyResearch promises to preserve the confidentiality of its clients and does not share the information with any third party or unauthorized parties unless required by the law to do so.
If you as a site visitor or client however believe that your information should not be stored with us and that we should not be having access to any of your private information; you can jot down your request in writing and email to our customer support.

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