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How to write & structure a perfect Dissertation - Expert Advice

Dissertations are apparently every student’s nightmare. The dreaded process of writing, researching and meeting the deadline can tend to be more exhausting than studying for the degree itself! But you can ace your dissertation, with the following tips on writing and structuring. Following these steps before you begin writing can direct you towards more effective time management. Since, acquiring prior knowledge and skills before writing your dissertation can be time consuming.

Table Of Content
How to write & structure a perfect Dissertation - Expert Advice
Deciding a Topic
Write Without Any Kind of Bias
Strengthen Your Research Design and Methodology
Take Help from Books or Courses for Statistics
Select a Specific Dissertation Style
Structure of Your Dissertation
Developing You Argument

Deciding a Topic

Writing your dissertation is serious business. You have to be fully committed to writing and researching for your dissertation. Hence, choosing a topic that you are genuinely interested in can only help you put in the hours required to perfecting your arguments. Pick that you are comfortable with as well as have a deep knowledge of.

Selecting a topic on this basis can be helpful too:

  • Do not pick a topic that is too common – for you will have to review extensive material. Moreover, it will have to excel the standard of the previously conducted studies.
  • Avoid picking entirely new topics as well because you will have a hard time finding relevant literature to support your research.

Hence, the bottom line is that the criteria for selecting a topic is that you must be intrigued by it and it should be neither be entirely new nor too mainstream.

Write Without Any Kind of Bias

Your dissertation will require you to take out inferences from your methodology and relevant data. If you begin your dissertation with a fixed mindset, then you might draw inaccurate results. Hence, it is mandatory that you before starting your dissertation, you carefully read through the research material – without a rigid bias. Having an open minded approach will not only help you in your dissertation, but it will also help you curate clear-headed counter-arguments on the material you are going through.

Strengthen Your Research Design and Methodology

Being one of the core foundations of your dissertation, these two areas of your data collection should be impeccably executed. Some of the research designs are listed below:

  1. Historical Research Design
  2. Example: A historical research in the increased incidence of depression in children in America.

  3. Case and Field Research Design
  4. Example: Observation of growth in crime rates in rural areas of America.

  5. Survey Research Design
  6. Example: The general view of online marketing and data collection in teenagers.

  7. Prospective Research Design
  8. Example:Stress and chronic anger’s impact on cardiovascular diseases.

  9. Causal Comparative Research Design
  10. Example:How does having working parents affect a child’s emotional development?

  11. Time Series Research Design
  12. Example:Monthly follow up of the impact of psychotherapy in children with PTSD.

Having a clear cut research design will not only help you answer the relevant questions, but it will also direct you to adapt a methodology fit for your research. A clear research design, with the help of the above mentioned classification is crucial for your dissertation’s success.

Take Help from Books or Courses for Statistics

The part of the dissertation that intimidates students the most is statistics. You should wither take a course, read several textbooks or hire help through online coursework services – if you are really willing to nail this aspect of your dissertation. Analyzing statistics and presenting them in a comprehensive manner can be quite a challenging task. That is why the above mentioned alternatives can really help you perfect your dissertation.

Select a Specific Dissertation Style

Dissertation styles can found by any website too like Eazy research or Informative essay writing in USA. Your dissertation style is important to your mentors; hence having a perfect understanding of it will help you apply it better. Students tend to make mistakes in these and having clear cut knowledge about how to apply it is crucial for a perfect dissertation. Here is how you can go about it:

  • Manner of citing sources.
  • Words and numbers usage.
  • Proper arrangement of tables, figures and other pictorial diagrams in the text.
  • Assigning of formats like APA (sources written in past tense) or MLA (sources cited in present tense).

Structure of Your Dissertation

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Research Process
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Research Findings
  • Conclusion

In the above mentioned sections, a major chunk of your dissertation will consist of the literature review, methodology and data analysis. Make sure that you are investing in the right tools and aptitudes to perfect this area of your dissertation writing. They have already been mentioned above. Additionally, you may also add the abstract, the acknowledgements, appendices, contents and references to your dissertation.

Developing You Argument

Finally, the main purpose of your dissertation should be to address the main research design or answer the basic question you have raised. This is a highly tricky portion of your writing since all you research material and the acquired results should help draw a clear consensus for your argument. The following tips will help you easily establish your argument:

  • Either agree or disagree with the outcome of a previously existing research – by validating it through your initial research within his dissertation.
  • Validate your research and use it as an additional extension of a previously conducted research. Make sure that your dissertation is agreeing to what a previous research author has written – but presents more points to the same idea.
  • Infer an entirely new idea to a previously existing problem. This can also be consolidated by providing practical solutions.

Dissertation writing can be made easier with these steps from experts who have written several papers. If you keep in mind that the main purpose of your writing is a practical solution to the problem you have decided to addressed, you will be better equipped to tackle it. This can then come through conducting the valid research, drawing clear tables and diagrams and using accurate methodology. It is a long process, but once done with patience and with the tips stated above, you will be good to go.

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