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How to write an Argumentative Essay? - 7 Easy Steps

Writing an argumentative essay? Easy job nah? Well it is if you follow what I say!

Hello beautiful people! This is John; I am a literature student in blah blah University! (University name is literally irrelevant to this bog btw!) So where were we? Oh yeah! Argumentative essay does simply mean HEY DUDE! Whatever you say I have a point better than you!

I love writing but when it comes to argumentative essays! It becomes my passion! I enjoy debating as it boosts my intelligence and knowledge about a topic! Like science is to Dexter, argumentative essays are for me! (Dexter’s laboratory was gem! No?) Anyways back to the topic! Let us first understand theoretically what does argumentative essay means! But wait! Just before heading forward check out this blog for basic understanding of essay writing!

Table Of Content
How to write an Argumentative Essay? - 7 Easy Steps
Definition of argumentative essay:
But main query is HOW TO START IT!
1. Select a stance for you!
2. Be evil genius in research!
3. Write like a pro!
4. Be concise and accurate!
5. A detailed layout:
  • . An impressive introduction:
  • . Thesis Statement:
  • . Concrete body paragraphs:
  • 6. Beautify it!
    7. Win over your reader!
    Time to wrap up!

    Definition of argumentative essay:

    Do you dare to stand for your stance? Yeah? Then this essay is custom made for you!

    According to informative essay writing:

    “An Argumentative Essay, means investigating a topic and proving both sides or either one side more prominently by the help of evidences, facts and figures”

    But main query is HOW TO START IT!

    Most of you are very confused about structure of argumentative essay and confused about its headings and need tips to write it down. Well that is not a problem though! One needs to follow these steps for impeccable argumentative essay writing!

    1. Select a stance for you!
    2. Do you dare to have your own stance? One needs to have an attitude when they are writing an argumentative essay! As attitude is everything! In an argumentative essay one needs to prove a point of a topic. They can choose any side or even balance both sides. It up to them! But for me they fun is when I choose one side of the topic and bet it with my other friend who is writing/ argue on its other side.

    1. Be evil genius in research!
    2. If you talk without a proper research on the topic! At least I will trash your essay! Because dear! You have to be evil genius in research! For me research is the soul of the topic! I need to know what people have said about the topic. Why the agreed on a point or why they disagree on a point? What made them convince in the end. I want to know all of their intellect on the topic. Reason for this? Because it will help me in forming my own stance or it will strong my stance on the argument. One I would know what world thinks of the topic then it is easy to convince them on what I think off!

    3. Write like a pro!
    4. You know the topic, you have done the research! Now what are you waiting for? A Santa Claus probably! Right? Write like a scholarship essay writing service, as you want to get that scholarship by hook or crook. Write with focus, determination and evidences. Convince your reader that whatever your point is they ought to agree on that! Cant do this? Leave the essay then bro! Because argumentative essay is all about convincing a person to your own point!

    5. Be concise and accurate!
    6. If you are arguing on a point you need to be strong on that! And please be precise! People will love that! Because people don’t have time to read long and complex sentences or unnecessary jargons that makes no sense. Concise doesn’t mean to have short and ambiguous sentences but precise and concrete sentence structure.

      You ought to be accurate if you are fighting for your stance! Be sure about your each and every detail. Be sure about every fact and know evidences by heart! Only then you can win the argument!

    7. A detailed layout:
    8. Layout is vital in any kind of essay! The major layout features are:

      • An impressive introduction:
      • An introduction is your main hook to catch the audience! The strong one has introduction the more he will be valued till the end. As introduction is your first impression on the reader.

      • Thesis Statement:
      • What is your main idea about the topic? Why do you want to research on this topic? And what will you prove in the end! Ok now done with the recipe of concrete thesis statement

      • Concrete body paragraphs and conclusion:
      • You need to have a concrete body of your essay if you want to hold strong on your essay and on your point. State the evidences that you have gathered in your research and prove it to the audience.

    9. Beautify it
    10. To write an essay is important but to beautify is what one needs to have guidance on essay reading. Formatting is the key to get reader’s interest on the essay. Structure you essay in well-mannered way. Tone of the essay is very important; as it decides the fate of the essay. If one uses boring tone he reader will definitely loose the interest. So try to be bang on to the wandering thoughts of the reader!

    11. Win over your reader!
    12. Why are you writing the essay? What is your motif of jotting down pool of information in front of the reader? Obviously you are providing college essay help on a topic just to win over your reader. So till end you have to be enthusiastic to educate your reader about your point of view. It is like a debate, if the debtor sounds boring people will go to snooze position but if the debtor is energetic his audience remembers him! Be an overwhelming memory to your audience which last long.

    Time to wrap up!

    So, I hope these tips will help you in forming a proper understanding of argumentative essay and soon I am going to read your essay as a reference! Got a go know!

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