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How to Write a Compare & Contrast Essay with Examples

Write a compare and contrast essay on comedy and tragedy? Oh not an essay again!

This was my reaction when I first read the question on my assignment paper! I thought this would be the most boring essay but it was what I enjoyed for days. It involved completely different form of writing.

Table Of Content
How to Write a Compare & Contrast Essay with Examples
1. Know the type:
2. Set a theme:
3. Eye Catching Introduction:
4. Choose a way to organize the essay:
5. Conclusion:
Editing the essay:
Did I win my professor?

What happen was, I was getting less idea on how to write it so I called up my best friend and asked her help in compare and contrast essay writing way. We followed these eight ways:

  1. Know the type:
  2. Before even starting the essay we studied what does it meant? We found different examples related to it. It was totally different from Informative essay writing which I have done earlier. So my friend Anna volunteered for finding the similarities while I thought of jotting down the differences

  3. Set a theme:
  4. While after dividing the essay, we made a theme. The theme was based on Shakespeare Play “Mid-Summer Night Dream”. As it was a perfect mixture of comedy and tragedy.

  5. Eye Catching Introduction:
  6. Your introduction is the main charm of your essay. Introduce your main theme with some catchy lines; it can be quote or any tagline which make reader wonder about your essay. What we did was we started with a tagline:

    “Life: A story that entails some sorrow and some happiness”

    Life is a wonderland of joy and sadness but have someone viewed it with the eye of a writer?

    How writer’s mind capture this phenomenon…….

    Calm down I am not going to write my whole essay here! Anyways the next step is:

  7. Choose a way to organize the essay:
  8. Well after getting the theme done we figure out how we need to write it. There are three ways in which we can write my essay.

    • Compare then contrast:
    • It is a way in which we compare all the similarities between tragedy and comedy and then jot down their differences. That was most used way of writing this essay.

    • Point by Point:
    • The second way is we compare each comedy scene with a tragic scene. It clear’s the one observation about the play that how a character is going through ups and down in life.

    • Subject by Subject:
    • The most boring way was we compare comedy as a whole subject first and in last we compare the tragedy going on in the play.

    As to make it interesting, we chose “point by point” way of organizing the essay.

Point by point way of essay

• I discussed how different characters face tragedy and how they enjoyed comedy.

For example:

Helena sorrow of losing her love is a tragedy to her life but how the writer changes it to comedy and gave reader’s something to remember.

  1. Conclusion:
  2. Conclude in a way that reader remember your essay for life long. Set a motif of writing your essay and explain it in the conclusion. That why you took this theme and what you gained while writing the theme.as in I wrote:

Enjoy the Roller Coaster of Life:

Life is unexpected to everyone, if you face any good that is already written and if you face any sorrow that is written too. God is just checking your faith in Him. As in Shakespeare showed this roller coaster……

I was so happy that I completed the essay before the deadline the next I did was:

  • Proofreading!
  • Yeah, I gave it to my mom who has never read the play and ask her what she understands with the essay. My mom was amazed by this although she read the play. To my amazement, she got confused so many times so I thought of:

  • Editing the essay:
  • Don’t think that your first draft can be the final draft, let the people proofread the write up. According to buy essay online:

    “The best essay is created, after a number of try again!”

    So I tried again and wrote the whole essay with zeal and gave it to my proof-reader. Surprisingly, she understood everything this time and was won by my conclusion.

  • Beautification:
  • Beautification is the most important tool of essay writing, as it grips the reader to read the essay. Beautification should be done through correct formatting and outlining. Outline in a way that reader gets guided to your next point!

    Did I win my professor?

    I was scared as anything when I was submitting the essay as I wasn’t sure if I did it in the right way or not. To my surprise I got 1st position in my assignment as it was the most persuasive essay in the class. While when I observed other’s work I got some more ideas of the essay.

    Some more tips:
    • Read about your theme, which you have set in the essay. Without knowing it you cannot master it.
    • Avoid mistakes as it gives a bad impression on the reader. The mistakes could be in grammar or sentence formation. It is okay to do mistakes but one needs to rectify it as well
    • Check out this blog for essay structure guide. As you will get an idea to structure the essay.
    • Tone is an important part as it captures the reader’s interest in the essay. When you have a boring tone nobody will read your essay.
    • Compare the things which are actually comparable and are similar do not pick anything randomly.
    • End on the question mark that the reader ponders over.

    So that was from my side! Hope you have enjoyed my tips about essay writing. I got another assignment on the narrative essay, and I am really getting worried about it. If you have any idea doo share. C’ya.

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