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How to compose a well drafted Essay?

Hello students! let me tell you something. Being a teacher at high school where I need to deal with all kinds of students. Dealing with them is sometimes hard, as every student is different from other. So, each student requires separate attentions. The coursework service caters each customer according to his/her preferences. They make sure their customers are satisfied and happy by their service.

I am a teacher who every student is frustrated and irritated about. As I believed to give lot of assignments and essays to polish the skills of students in there English literature. My strategy is to enhance the ability to write as content is always the king.

Essay writing explores your brain and fills up the creative gap to harness the critical thinking skills. The best part of essay is it let you express and speak your heart out which is supressing throughout the years. With the help of essay you can give opinions or even convince your readers on your own principles and ideology.

It’s not an easy job to be a teacher

The reason behind all this talking is because scheduling the students essays, giving them homework and even identifying the mistake are time consuming. Obviously, checking exam papers and assignments are most difficult thing in the whole wide world.

Identifying the same mistake each time is so frustrating. But as I am a teacher who is the mentor and supporting hand is my duty to highlight their mistakes and errors so, that my life would be at ease and there life too.

Mistakes that I encounter

As we are all humans, we tend to make mistakes and improvised through it time to time. If you are the person who has been pin pointed for your silly mistake. Then why not grab this opportunity. The Eazy research will help you do half of your work done just only two days.

I am so much irritated by my students. Well, I am not that kind of a teacher you know the evil one. But I am a human too not a robot.

If one does check on my behalf all the blunders they make in their essays then that person might pull his/her hairs away from the head.

Let me tell you their blunder. And AHH if you are the trouble maker student too then please avoid it. As your professor would be definitely irritated, I know can feel his/her emotions. Okay back to the topic.

Let me list down three major errors found while checking essay writing.

  • Formatting
  • Copy content
  • Boring introduction/ not catchy at all

Copy content

You know, many students think that teachers are stupid they will not know what we are about to do. Hello there students! We are teachers not a cartoon character like Patrick who has an empty brain who do not function properly.

This is the speciality of a teacher she/he knows who is coping the writing or who has the skills to showcase what they are made of.

Please do not copy the content this is the request not as a teacher but as a friend.

I am not convincing you just because of good grades but to make your future bright in writing if someone wants to be a professional writer.

See, if you paraphrase other person’s content it might somehow be under plagiarism so try to use software like Turn-it-in.

Remember!!! Plagiarism has many types so which type you fall under god knows.

The Inroduction is not crispy or spicy

I love reading! That’s my hobby, my passion and my stress reliever. I love to read interesting and creative stories that just not inspire you but also make you awe in surprise.

But that’s not the case from my side as my students biggest mistake is there intro in the essay writing. Most of the students I found have too many words displayed in the starting paragraph but not much understanding is created. Remember, you need to throw out a catchy content from the start as the reader’s eyes are finding such creative minds.

How about you start with,

“What if the world was a spaceship and we humans would be aliens.”

Did you understand what I am delivering you?

The huge blunder-types of essays

OOHH NO my bad! I totally forgot to highlight the major error which I found so much irritating. This mistake has been seen by most of the student’s essay.

Being a teacher is so hectic. I observe most of them were confused about which type of essay I have given them. They usually swipe them differently and the concept becomes useless. Let me share you a helpful tip that can be useful for the life time.

Type of essay Description
Informative essay Talk about facts and figures, explains an object clearly with proper details.
Persuasive essay I have an opinion to share and you need to admit it.
Argumentative essay Debate on something that contradicts to each other, throw out your opinions and prove it right.
Narrative essay Draws readers understanding through thoughts and storytelling ways. In this you can share experiences or information in an orderly manner.

This might help you with not making another mistake again. So, next time you write an essay whether it be any kind do remember these tips for best essay design.

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